An Arranged Marriage with an Enemy

Chapter 26: 19

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Vi7-9 minutes 31.01.2022

“I called the teacher again. I think you should take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about court etiquette.”

As expected, Baroness Robert had something to say. Even if Kaon had already completed his etiquette lessons a few years ago, he agreed to taking them again without complaint.

He knew how to accept the consequences of his actions.

Their lives hadn’t changed much since that day. Alessia treated Kaon the same as before, and he did the same. They both acted like nothing had happened.

But they were a little bit more comfortable with each other.

“Kaon, are you coming in now?”

“Yeah. Are you on your way to the training grounds?”

“I’m with Dame Leroy today, so I’m going to go early.”

“Alessia, if Yvonne is being rude in any way, you must tell me, alright? This is a matter of discipline.”

“If she goes too far, I will. It’s still not that bad, though, so it’s fine.” She paused. “Then, I’ll be off, Kaon!” Alessia waved goodbye and walked hurriedly to the stairs.

Kaon waved back, staring as her silver hair fluttered in the wind.

She didn’t wear weird hats anymore. Her eyes were in plain view again, just like when she first arrived.

He remembered how relieved he’d felt to know that he was able to comfort her. Their relationship didn’t change much, but it didn’t matter. Kaon was content that he had been able to take a load off her mind.

‘Shall I ask Madeleine to bake some cookies?’

With the way things were going, it was possible that the two of them could grow closer.


“I think Sir Pierre is the most handsome. His aura is so intimidating!”

“I like how Sir Morris is always kind. Also, he’s so cute! He may not look like his face was sculpted from marble, but I’m more attracted to his appearance anyway.”

The maids gathered in a small space next to the kitchen and behind a large pillar.

Handsome knights were popular regardless of age, and Ferdinand was the place with the most knights in the kingdom save for the king’s palace. Thus, the maids gossiped to their hearts’ content.

“Still, can any of them keep up with Young Master Kaon?”

“Foul! Don’t bring him in this discussion.”

“Then, what about Lady Leonida?”

“Oh, don’t be silly. Where’s the fun in playing the game if you’ve already decided on a winner?”

The reply seemed harsh, but everyone knew what it meant. The siblings were both extremely beautiful, so they didn’t count. It didn’t make sense to talk about obvious winners.

“Still, Sir Pierre is objectively a very handsome man. It’s not like it’s impossible for him to win over everyone else.”

“The match-up was just unfortunate.”

“What’s unfortunate?” A new voice piped up.

“Oh, bloody… Miss! You scared us!” The maid put a hand to her chest. “I thought it was the baroness at first! Why are your steps so quiet?”

Alessia rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “Sorry. I was afraid I might get in the way of your lively discussion,” she said. “What are you talking about in the first place?”

“Well, actually…”

It was a bit disgraceful for commoners to be comparing the appearances of the knights, who were quasi-nobles.

Still, one of them wasn’t able to resist, “Which knight is the most handsome to you?”

“Hey! You can’t just ask that!”

“What? The lady was curious. Will you keep it a secret, Miss?”

“Of course. My lips are sealed.”

The maids grinned. After several months together, they became very close to Alessia. Despite their wariness brought about by her identity, the princess of Ingelos was more bubbly and bright than they expected from her timid appearance.

Everyone gradually took a liking to her, who always initiated conversations, smiled, and occasionally gave out snacks. As a result, unlike before when they sneaked away when she approached, they now often welcomed her into their circles.

Alessia never tattled on them, so it was easy to talk to her.

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“So, whose face do you like, Miss?”

“Only the face?”

“Does the lady also consider the figure? Ha! Those who know a lot are truly on a different level!”

Laughter erupted from their corner.

“I don’t know,” Alessia mused. “Wouldn’t a broad physique be better than a slim one?”


“But it’s not just about that, Miss! Honestly—”

“Don’t say that in front of her! Ignore her, we’ll have this conversation when you come of age,” one of them interrupted. “So, please tell us who is the best-looking in your eyes…” She jumped out of her seat. “Baroness!”

“Everyone looks so energetic today, hm? We shouldn’t waste that, should we?”

“S-sorry!” the maids apologized in unison, scattering like mice in front of a cat.

Only Alessia was left there. But Baroness Robert turned and left the way she had come, as if she’d seen nothing.


“Alessia’s magic?” As usual, one day on the way home from field training, Kaon was surprised to hear the unexpected news.

“Yeah, she showed it to us for the first time yesterday.”

“Master, you missed it! Oh, I could burst into tears.”

Niels and Maurice answered one after the other, agreeing that it had been amazing.

“The mage from the tower was also surprised. It seems that Miss Alessia is even greater than I thought.”

“She’s beautiful and kind and also so skilled! Ah, I want to be born as Master Kaon in my next life.”

“Wake up.”

“Yes, sir!”

Kaon, who had cut off Maurice’s nonsense, fell into deep thought.

‘Alessia is using magic.’

She was a mage, a daughter of Ingelos at that, so it was no surprise, but it somewhat felt a little strange to hear. Perhaps because it reminded him that their engagement was just an excuse, and that her purpose for being in Ferdinand was primarily to render service as a mage.

‘It’s not going to work as Leo wants.’

Kaon was relieved. His sister had been planning to take advantage of Alessia’s flaws and use them to negotiate their terms. The assumption was the Ingelos had sent them a useless mage, but it seemed that even their enemy had honor.

He wondered if it was because they were a family so obsessed with being mages that they went bankrupt due to spending all their money on research.

And Alessia had even requested to participate earlier in the inspections.

In any case, Kaon was happy. They had to go to the monster forest eventually, so it was better for them all if she was a strong mage.

“Hey, look at those leaves. It really is autumn now.”

Kaon, who had been thinking about Alessia, lifted his head at Niels’ gruff voice.

Indeed, the oak trees lined up in the distance were covered in colorful foliage. He thought back to the day the Ingelos’ wagon first passed that road, how his heart pounded as the carriage drew closer under the shade of green leaves.

“You know that next week is Octavius, right, Niels?”

“Really? Time really flies. Maurice, you need to watch out; you’ll soon be an old man like me.”

“Hah? I don’t think I’ll be like you, though.”

“That’s harsh!”

Her arrival felt like only yesterday, but it was already time for Alessia to join the inspections.

‘Please, let this season pass without any problems.’

Kaon prayed intensely.

Two weeks later, Alessia’s first excursion was scheduled.

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