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Chương 1299: Chapter 1296 Acquiring the First Ancient Seal

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Chapter 1296 Acquiring the First Ancient Seal

'The Xi Family! Who could've foreseen that an individual from that esteemed lineage would descend to this realm?' Liang Xiaosheng cried inwardly.

The Xi Family resided exclusively in the Supreme Heaven, and they occupied a preeminent position among the dragon race. Though they didn't have a direct role in overseeing the Four Ancient Seals, one of the clans under their authority held that responsibility.

'If the Xi Family was forced to act, this issue with the traitor must be of significant magnitude.' Liang Xiaosheng sighed inwardly before speaking, "I understand. If it's the Xi Family, I will do everything in my power to assist you."

He then retrieved his spatial ring and took out a metal box from within.

The metal box looked ordinary at a glance, but it had several layers of powerful formations protecting it. 'Level 6— No! It's at least a level 7 formation!'

Yuan quickly understood that the formation was far more advanced than he had initially thought. It was not just a level 6 formation; it was at least level 7, if not higher. This realization meant that even if he had managed to take the metal box by force, he wouldn't have been able to open it until he became a level 7 Array Master or higher.

Yuan looked at Liang Xiaosheng and wondered if he was a level 7 Array Master.

However, to Yuan's surprise, Liang Xiaosheng took a different approach to unlocking the formation. Instead of using conventional methods, Liang Xiaosheng dripped several drops of his own blood onto the metal box. The metal box quickly absorbed his blood, causing the protective formation to unlock itself.

Once all of the formations vanished, the metal box unfolded itself, revealing what appeared to be a metal piece of a puzzle inside.

"This is actually my first time seeing the Ancient Seal. What a unique appearance it has." Yuan muttered.

"It is only a piece of the full key, after all." Liang Xiaosheng did not find anything weird with Yuan's comment since the Ancient Seals rarely leave their holders' grasp.

"Um… Your Majesty, what is the Xi Family's plan regarding the traitor?" Liang Xiaosheng suddenly asked.

"We still don't know the identity of the traitor, and for all I know, it could be you." Yuan shrugged.

"What?! No way! I swear upon my bloodline that I am not the traitor! I would never dare—not even in my dreams!" Liang Xiaosheng immediately declared.

"Unfortunately, I don't know that for sure. Therefore, the Xi Family has decided to retrieve all Ancient Seals for the time being until everything is sorted."

"Retrieving all Ancient Seals…?"

While Liang Xiaosheng understood the rationale behind the Xi Family's decision, he couldn't help but find it astonishing, as it marked the first time an event of this magnitude had occurred.

"And I'll be honest with you." Yuan added, "There's a good chance that the Xi Family will decide to change the Ancient Seal holders as well as a precaution." Liang Xiaosheng nodded, "That makes sense. I have been holding onto this Ancient Seal for over 20,000 years now. I thought I would be holding it until my last breath, but this is fine as well."

"I shall entrust it to you and the Xi Family." Liang Xiaosheng offered the Ancient Seal to Yuan without any suspicion that he was being scammed.

<Ancient Seal has been acquired>

"Thank you." Yuan accepted the Ancient Seal and stored it inside his Dragon Spatial Ring.

"Now then, let's talk about the other matter."

"Huh? What other matter?" Liang Xiaosheng raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

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"You forgot already? I'm talking about helping you improve your bloodline. Consider this as a gift for your assistance and because you didn't make things difficult for both of us."

"!!!" Liang Xiaosheng's eyes widened with shock after hearing such words.

"Are you serious, Your Majesty?! You're willing to help improve my bloodline?!" he didn't dare believe it.

"Yes, but to be honest with you, I am not 100 percent certain my idea will work, so it will only be an attempt." Yuan had no idea if his plan was feasible, but he wanted to give Liang Xiaosheng something in return for the Ancient Seal to ease his own guilt.


Liang Xiaosheng suddenly halted and closed his mouth with a pondering face.

"Is something wrong?" Yuan asked.

"No, but I have a request for Your Majesty. Instead of improving this unworthy one's bloodline, can you help someone else? My granddaughter— her talent and future are better than mine, after all."

Yuan nodded, "I don't mind."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Liang Xiaosheng's face immediately brightened with excitement.

"She's currently at her sect, but I'll tell her to return immediately! In the meantime, please enjoy the feast we've prepared for you!" "I appreciate the feast, but I don't like to be around people…"

"That's perfectly fine! We can bring the food here for you!"

"If that's the case…" Yuan nodded.

Servants showed up shortly after to replace some furniture before filling the room with food and drinks.

"Please enjoy yourself, Your Majesty. If you need anything, I will be waiting right outside this room." Liang Xiaosheng bowed before leaving the room since he knew that Yuan needed to take off his mask to consume the food.

Once he was alone, Yuan removed his mask and began cleaning up the dishes.

Meanwhile, Liang Xiaosheng contacted his son.

"I want Liang Qinru to come back immediately."

Liang Dishan had a look of disbelief on his face as he asked, "Father… don't tell me you're trying to give her to the Dragon Emperor?"

"You fool! Do you honestly think the Xi Family's Dragon Emperor would take an interest in someone from a branch family? He's way beyond our reach!" Liang Xiaosheng lectured him.

"What?! He's from the Xi Family?!" Liang Dishan exclaimed in shock after learning of this information.

"If you understand the situation, hurry up and call her back! We cannot let him wait too long!" "I-I understand! I will immediately send someone to—"

"Go get her yourself!" Liang Xiaosheng commanded.

Liang Dishan didn't say anything else and immediately left the mansion.

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