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Chương 2624: In Equilibrium with the Deva Path

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Chapter 2622: In Equilibrium with the Deva Path

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When Saint Monk Xumi was alive, he had mastered a lot of Canons of Time and Dimension. Except for the Canons of Time that were absorbed by the Time Source Pearl, all the Canons in the temple were burning.

The temple was burning with the Canons.

After the Canons of Time and Dimension were burned, they returned to the world.

The wasteland outside the temple burned and turned into invisible particles, dissipating. The flames spread into the hall.

The Sumeru Temple was the final resting place of a Buddha. Even a handful of soil in the temple was priceless. Even a brick could be used to comprehend the Path.

But now, it cannot withstand the pressure of space. Every moment, it seemed to burn thousands of Godstones.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t have time to care about the approaching flames. Fusing the Fire Saintwill into the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill wasn’t smooth. The two were extremely repulsive and couldn’t fuse.

Even if Zhang Ruochen forced them to fuse, they were still very unstable. They could only last for a moment before exploding again.

When the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill shook the Fire Saintwill away, the explosive force tore Zhang Ruochen’s body into bloody wounds.

“My spiritual power has reached the 69th level. Since ancient times, the strength of my Saint Soul and the number of Precepts can not be compared to a Supreme Saint of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. I have the Buddha’s power, the

Canon of Time and Dimension. However, I still can’t combine the Yin Yang

Five-Element Saintwill into one.”

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes. The walls of the hall were burning with flames.

The heat wave hit his face. The burning sensation on his face was extremely intense.

The space seemed to be burning.

He was unprecedentedly calm. He realized that in the future, in time and space, no matter how hard he worked and blessed he was, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill to perfection.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen finally believed that since the ancient period, no cultivator had been able to cultivate the absolutely perfect Grade One Saintwill.

The silent flame burned all the other areas of the temple. Even the four walls of the last hall were burned. The six Buddha statues were also burning, turning into void particles.

When they stepped on the River of Time, Saint Monk Xumi said they must return immediately when the temple was destroyed. The way back was to use his body as a boat.

He didn’t say the consequences if he didn’t return immediately, but Zhang Ruochen could roughly guess.

The flames were only one step away from Zhang Ruochen.

Was he going to escape in such a sorry state?

The Saint Monk Xumi had paid the price with his life. A large number of Canons of Time and Dimension had been burned here. How many dangers had he experienced along the way? How could he fail just like that?

Zhang Ruochen’s face was as heavy as iron. He was extremely unwilling.

He stared at the black hole at the end of the River of Time. Gritting his teeth, he was more determined than ever, “What’s the big deal about dying?” He said. “How can I live up to Saint Monk Xumi’s expectations and my heart if I go back like this? I’ll fight to the death!”

“I’ll fight to the death!”

“I’ll fight to the death!”

Zhang Ruochen suddenly stood up and put his hands together.


The incomplete Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill formed by the Saintwills of Fist, Palm, Metal, Water, Wood, and Earth were manifested in the form of the Taiji Diagram.

The incomplete Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill collided with the Fire Saintwills.

The seven saintwills combined into one.

Suddenly, the unbalanced vibration power burst out again, tearing Zhang Ruochen’s body even more severely. It was as painful as splitting a corpse into seven.

Zhang Ruochen stood with his legs in a bow. He stared at the black hole at the end of the River of Time. With the Taiji Diagram, he turned into a stream of light and rushed over.

With his attainments of the Saint Realm, he could not suppress the repulsive power of the seven saintwills.

He needed a fulcrum or a powerful external force to help him achieve this balance.

That fulcrum was the singularity before the birth of space and time. The singularity was the strongest fulcrum in the world, containing the strongest power.

For example, a cultivator was like a balance. The two ends of the balance were two kinds of saintwills with different attributes. As long as the scale wasn’t controlled exquisitely, the two ends could be stabilized, merging the two types of saintwills into one.

But now, Zhang Ruochen’s scale has seven ends.

He was at the center. The seven types of saintwills were in seven different directions. The saintwills had different weights. They were repelling and attracting each other. Under such circumstances, it was impossible to reach a balance.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen needed an external force to help him.

This external force must contain the seven powers of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements and be strong enough.

“With my current attainments, I can only control the combination of the seven saintwills for a moment. After a moment, they will separate again. This moment is very critical.”

The moment Zhang Ruochen rushed out of Saint Monk Xumi’s palm, the combination of the seven saintwills into the Yin Yang Five- Element Saintwill appeared. It exploded with unparalleled power and absorbed the burning Canons of Time and Dimension.

In the first phase, he persevered.


Entering the second phase, Zhang Ruochen lost all protection. His body, Saint Soul, spiritual power, and Sea of Qi were exposed to the impact of the singularity. They exploded like balloons and turned into particles that could not be observed by the naked eye.

Zhang Ruochen was in extreme pain. He suffered unprecedented pain. His body and Saint Soul seemed to have been cut by thousands of knives.

His body disappeared, but Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness didn’t. He was still suffering purgatory-like torture.

“This is great. It really works. It seems that my judgment is correct. It should be the Canon of Origin and Canon of Truth protecting my consciousness.”

Zhang Ruochen was ecstatic.

Since his consciousness didn’t disappear, the Yin Yang Five- Element Saintwill didn’t collapse. Zhang Ruochen managed to hold on until the second moment.

To be able to hold on until the second moment was already a success.

At the beginning of time, the power of singularity was the strongest in the world.

The closer it was to the singularity, the stronger the power.

Zhang Ruochen had actually thought about using the energy of the singularity to forcefully fuse with the saintwill. However, the energy of the singularity was too strong. It could easily kill a god even though it was thousands of miles away.

How could Zhang Ruochen, a Supreme Saint, withstand it?

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Even his Yin Yang Five- Element Saintwill could not withstand it.

However, the second that the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill was sustained, it began to spin rapidly under the control of Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness. In the form of the Taiji Diagram, it absorbed the Yin- Yang and five elements of power between heaven and earth continuously.

The power contained in the Taiji Diagram became stronger and stronger. It had already surpassed Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation by 10,000 times and was stilli increasing.

100,000 times, a million times…

Zhang Ruochen’s own power only accounted for a tiny part of it. However, he had to rely on this little bit of power to maintain the balance of Yin, Yang, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

When the power of Yin increased, he immediately increased the power of Yang.

When the power of Wood weakened, he immediately weakened the power of Metal.

Only by maintaining this balance could the Taiji Diagram not collapse, and he has a chance to survive.

In the tenth phase, the Taiji Diagram contained enough energy to completely resist space compression and refine at high temperatures.

However, the balance was beginning to be broken. It was challenging to maintain it by only relying on the conversion of the Yin-Yang and five elements.

Zhang Ruochen had to use the remaining Canons of Time and Dimension in the Taiji Diagram to absorb the Power of Time and Dimension to maintain the balance.

As soon as it began to absorb the Power of Time, the Taiji Diagram began to move. It flew along the River of Time slowly toward the singularity.

This was the beginning of the birth of the universe!

The closer it got to the singularity, the stronger the pressure the Taiji Diagram endured. But the Taiji Diagram also became stronger, just enough to withstand it.

Thus, the singularity and the Taiji Diagram spewed out Yin-Yang, five elements, time and space, and the other absorbed Yin-Yang, five elements, and time and space. The two formed a balance.

To control this balance was even more difficult for Zhang Ruochen.

At first, Zhang Ruochen thought that the probability of success was one in ten million. Still, he felt it was only one in a hundred million. Because he could not hold on anymore!

His consciousness became more and more blurry.

“Hold on, I must hold on.”

Zhang Ruochen knew that he had already succeeded more than half. As long as he held on and kept his consciousness intact, and continued to control the balance of Yin- Yang, five elements, and time and space, he had a chance of success.

He would lose the whole game if he could not hold on now.

After an unknown amount of time, the Taiji Diagram turned into a point and overlapped with the singularity.

At this moment, billions of images appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness. Some were from the past, some were from the future, and some were from God knows where…


The Taiji Diagram flew out of the singularity and reappeared on the River of Time.

After the birth of space, it was 400 meters in diameter, and the Taiji Diagram was 400 meters in size. The diameter of space expanded to one light year, and the size of the Taiji Diagram grew to one light year.

The Taiji Diagram combined with the space and time of the universe and grew with the growth of space and time.

At first, the Taiji Diagram was visible to the naked eye.

However, it was so faint that it could not be observed after a diameter of more than a light year. It merged with the entire universe and spread throughout chaotic time and space. It became a part of the Deva Path and flew toward the future.

Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness had always existed. He controlled the Taiji Diagram, which was getting bigger and bigger, to chase after Saint Monk Xumi’s corpse.

When he flew out of Saint Monk Xumi’s palm, the power he exploded sent his corpse toward the future. It was still floating on the River of Time.

In the Archean Time, the Taiji Diagram had finally caught up with Saint Monk Xumi’s corpse.

The River of Time in Archean Time was very long. It was dozens of times longer than the Ancestral Age, the Phanerozoic Time, the Hadean Time, the Upper Ancient period, and the Middle Ages.

Zhang Ruochen guessed that the so-called prehistoric civilizations were all in the Archean Time.

The Archean Time should have given birth to many civilizations. However, those civilizations were all destroyed, and the universe returned to a chaotic state, opening up the next civilization.

The Archean Time in the records of the Celestial and Infernal Court only had a short timeline of the Archean Time.

Although Zhang Ruochen walked on the River of Time once, he didn’t understand the Archean Time or any other historical era because he could only occasionally see a little bit of it.

What he saw on the River of Time was only the River of Time.

“It’s the aura of the Heart of Truth.”

Zhang Ruochen only had his consciousness remaining in the Taiji Diagram or the entire universe.

This was because the Taiji Diagram was as big as the entire universe and spread throughout the universe.

Zhang Ruochen placed the Heart of Truth on Saint Monk Xumi’s corpse. He wanted to use the Heart of Truth to absorb his consciousness, Saint Soul, and spiritual power particles to form a physical body again.

“Boundless Universe.”

Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness communicated with the Heart of Truth. He activated the Realm-frame of Truth and began to absorb all kinds of particles.

The Archean Time was filled with chaotic qi.

It took an unknown amount of time for the Heart of Truth to absorb all of Zhang Ruochen’s particles and nurture them inside.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen’s body had been formed. He was a true innate Yin Yang Five-element Chaotic Body. It was as if he was frozen inside the Heart of Truth.

After countless years, the Heart of Truth had merged with his physical body.

At the end of the Ancestral Age, Zhang Ruochen’s physical body had finally recovered from its stone-like state. His entire body emitted chaotic light as if he was an innate spirit.

Zhang Ruochen stood in Saint Monk Xumi’s palm and looked at the River of Time. His mood was unprecedentedly good. He smiled in high spirits and said “I, Zhang Ruochen, have finally formed my physical body again. I have returned from the beginning of time and space. Master, I have not disappointed you. I have formed the Grade One Saintwill.”

Zhang Ruochen’s Grade One Saintwill had indeed succeeded. It was in a state of continuous improvement as he headed toward the future.

As the universe expanded, the River of Time became longer. The Taiji Diagram continued to absorb the power of space and time to maintain the balance of the five yin and yang elements.

In other words, Zhang Ruochen’s Time Saintwill was called Eternity.

The Dimension Saintwill was called Infinity.

As long as the space continued to expand and the River of Time continued, the balance of Zhang Ruochen’s saintwill would not be broken. It would continue to grow stronger.

The saintwill grow with the universe.

Zhang Ruochen’s saintwill was powerful enough to be on par with the Deva Path. However, he soon realized that his control over the saintwill was weakening.

This was because his spiritual power and saint soul could only reach a limited range.

Unless his spiritual power and saint soul were powerful enough to cover the entire universe, he could not completely control the saintwill.

In addition, Zhang Ruochen found that the Shenwu Mark of Time and Dimension between his eyebrows had disappeared. It did not return with his physical body. It was unknown whether it was completely shattered or lost in the Ancestral Age..

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