I Just Want to Be in a Relationship

Chapter 225: Love (2) (THE END)

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Chapter 225: Love (2) (THE END)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Wang Ruirui had been living with Zhao Rui over the years. Her parents wanted her to star in more movies, but Zhao Rui used some means to make their idea abortion. When they found their daughter could not help them make more money, they entirely handed her over to Zhao Rui as if they had never given birth to this daughter.

Zhao Rui was a traditional man. He stopped all her commercial activities and sent her to school regardless of her acting talent.

Fascinated by the entertainment circle, few minor stars could settle down to study. However, Wang Ruirui was sensible and obedient. She was never absent from school and got first in every exam.

Therefore, Zhao Rui showed off in front of Yu Qinghuan in the group chat every day. In Zhao Qingyuan’s words, Zhao Rui was like her biological mother who gave birth to the girl.

Littles girls all liked beautiful jewelry. Wang Ruirui touched the hairpin on her head with joy, thanked Zhao Qingyuan and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

Zhao Qingyuan waved at Sixteenth and looked up at Yu Qinghuan, “Why hasn’t Yu Xin come yet?”

“Sis Cheng goes abroad today. He went to the airport to see her off.”

After being single for 39 years, Yu Xin finally fell in love with Cheng Miao at the age of 40 and successfully entered the palace of marriage. Cheng Miao was the top broker in the circle, two years older than Yu Xin.

Thanks to Zhao Qingyuan’s agent, the two met each other.

Yu Xin, being afraid his qualifications would pull Qinghuan back, followed Zhao Qingyuan’s agent to learn. Over time, he and Cheng Miao had a crush on each other.

Zhao Qingyuan snorted, looked at Huo Qu, who was beside Yu Qinghuan, and said, “Another wife slave.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

Before Yu Qinghuan retorted, Sixteenth revenged for him:

Zhao Qingyuan held out his hands and bared his teeth in an attempt to attract the cat’s attention. Sixteenth, however, turned a blind eye to him, swaying its tails and putting its head on Qinghuan’s thigh after jumping onto the sofa.

Zhao Qingyuan was so angry that his nostrils smoked.

“Well done,” Yu Qinghuan touched Sixteenth’s head and rewarded his boy with a small dried fish.

The doorbell rang when they were talking. Huo Qu walked over to open the door and Yu Xin’s smiling fat face squeezed in through the crack of the door, “Sorry, I’m late. My wife won’t let me go.”

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The people in the room all rolled their eyes at him. How was that possible? Cheng Miao, the iron lady, would be so clingy to Yu Xin? That was bullshit! The real situation must be Yu Xin tearing her sleeves and begging her not to go!

The dinner could finally begin since all expected guests were here.

They hurriedly served the food onto the table. Before having a bite of the food, they poured the wine first.

“Everybody, cheers!” Zhao Qingyuan stood up, holding the wine glass.

After a pause, he turned to Yu Qinghuan, “Congratulations to Qinghuan for starring in the supporting male in Hollywood movie.”

Over the years, Yu Qinghuan had enjoyed a sharp rise in fame in the entertainment circle. Huo Qu’s speech had once impressed many foreigners, unexpectedly paving the way for Qinghuan to open up foreign markets.

This year, thanks to the efforts of Cheng Miao and Yu Xin, Yu Qinghuan finally appeared as the male No.2 in a Hollywood movie. Such a grateful result was always worth celebrating. His close friends were all happy for him and drained their glasses. But Qinghuan could only filled his cup with tea, rather wine.

Since the last time he accidentally learned from Huo Qu what he had done when he was drunk, Yu Qinghuan had never touched wine again.

In recent years, these several people all ushered a peak in their careers. Thus, the time they could spend together had decreased. This time, they took many efforts, finding the chance to gather together and letting Zhao Qingyuan, their funny buddy, to be the main character. The carnival lasted until midnight. In the end, everyone was drunk and staggering.

Having been drunk like this, they could barely walk let alone go home. There were only two bedrooms, so Yu Qinghuan gave the other one to Wang Ruirui and let the remaining three huddled together. Anyway, the weather was not cold in the early autumn. Even if they slept on the floor, they would not catch a cold.

In the bedroom, Yu Qinghuan just finished taking a bath, wiping his hair and tucking Wang Ruirui’s quilt.

He was relieved to see the little girl sleeping comfortably and showing no signs of not getting used to it.

Just as he was about to straight-up, his towel was taken by Huo Qu. He pressed Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder to let him sit down on the bed, while he stood opposite and gently wiped Qinghuan’s hair. Having been lived together for so many years, Huo Qu was familiar with these things.

Sixteenth looked at Huo Qu, then at Qinghuan, who enjoyed himself with eyes narrowed, then it climbed onto Qinghuan’s legs, purring.

With Qinghuan’s hair almost dry, Huo Qu stopped his movements.

“Let’s sleep,” Yu Qinghuan said softly, helping him to put right the crooked pajamas button.

Huo Qu nodded, took Qinghuan to lie down on the bed, and pressed out the bedside lamp.

That year when they came out of the closet, they made the whole world as their witness.

But then, they kept a low profile, quietly focusing on their own life, and never showed it on Weibo.

Yu Qinghuan had never expressed his love for Huo Qu since then, but he knew that Huo Qu knew everything. Love could not be hidden. For the rest of his life, he just needed to love the man as much as he could.

Guy Gone Bad has something to say: When I decided to write something, I really didn’t know where to start. Actually it’s never been easy to say goodbye. There is a Chinese saying called “天下没有不散的筵席”, I don’t know how to put this in an exact meaning in English. It’s literally means “Every time of reunion has to end up with separation.” When I did this, actually I also feel how you feel with those two. They laugh, I laugh. They cry, I cry. Their love is one of a kind. It also touches the softest place in my heart like it does to you. I am always a positive person in life. So what I am trying to say is whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, we all have the right to love and to be loved. And I wish that everyone of you would find your true love in life and every love story could have a happy ending. Last but not least, thank you all for liking this novel. Wish you the best!

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