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Chương 2879: v7 Chapter 2865: Target Duobao Conference!

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Yurun wanted to regard Lin Yuan and his group as his reliance, but to Yurun, this was only Yurun's wish.

Yurun wasn't sure whether Lin Yuan and his group would protect Ziling Yuge's clan.

In fact, Yurun didn't think that Lin Yuan would help his group for no reason.

Lin Yuan would help his group because he responded to Lin Yuan and was willing to be Lin Yuan's guide in Duobao City.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to throw out two qualifications for the Duobao Conference.

Secondly, it was also because Huang from the Blood Wood Lion Bee Clan spoke ill of Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, in Yurun's view, Lin Yuan really had no reason to kill the Blood Wood Lion Bee Caravan.

In Yurun's mind, the best way to get rid of the blood wood lion bee clan's troubles is actually to use Lin Yuan and his group as a shield.

Let there be a conflict between the blood wood lion bee clan and Lin Yuan.

It is best to annoy Lin Yuan and his group, so that this group will not die with the blood wood lion bee clan!

In this way, the dilemma faced by the Ziling Yuge family can be resolved once and for all.

Of course, this is just Yurun's thoughts.

After returning with Lin Yuan and others, Yurun will inform the patriarch of his thoughts, and the patriarch will make the decision.

Yurun is only the person in charge of a caravan and does not have much decision-making power at all.

This time the caravan was targeted by the blood wood lion bee caravan, and the caravan suffered heavy losses.

Yurun knew very well that he would probably be punished after returning home.

In order to reduce the loss of the caravan, rest is extremely necessary.

Healing ability itself is an extremely rare ability. In the sky outside the clouds, the ethnic group is the unit, and most of the ethnic groups do not have healing ability.

The Ziling Yuge family does not have the ability to heal.

If this kind of ethnic group wants to obtain healing ability, there must be the existence of Qiling people in the group, and the Qiling people will contract the creatures who are good at healing.

This is the best solution to the lack of healing power!

Of course, there is another way, that is, powerful groups such as blood races will raise some groups that are good at healing.

Provide resources and shelter for these healing groups.

For these groups who are good at healing, the whole clan must serve the blood clan wholeheartedly.

A mutually beneficial situation is formed between the two parties.

The caravan of the Ziling Yuge family happened to have Qiling people.

However, it is extremely difficult to heal so many wounded in the caravan with only one healing unit with eternal strength.

That's why Yurun asked Lin Yuan for half a day to rest.

In fact, Yurun is also very afraid that Lin Yuan will be impatient, after all, in Yurun's heart, Lin Yuan is the savior of the Ziling Yuge family.

Lin Yuan shook his head directly when he heard the words.

It is impossible for Lin Yuan to wait here for half a day.

Lin Yuan didn't have so much time to waste.

However, Lin Yuan wouldn't let the injured of the Ziling Yuge family die here just like that.

"I don't have half a day for you, but if you just want to recover from your injuries, I can help you!"

While speaking, Lin Yuan raised his hand and summoned Lily Lily.

Green light emanated from Lily Lily's body and landed on the members of the Ziling Yuge family.

The gentle healing energy enveloped all the members of the Ziling Yuge family in an instant.

Immediately afterwards, those members of the Ziling Yuge caravan who were dying subconsciously lifted their spirits.

The vitality has been greatly replenished, allowing these members to get up and move around freely in just a minute or two.

In the entire caravan, only Yurun, a creature in the realm of the emperor and god, was not injured.

Without exception, all the people Baihe Lili rescued were those who were not strong enough to be in the realm of the emperor-level gods.

This can be said to be no pressure for Lily Lily.

Many caravan members present not only lost their vitality, but more importantly, their limbs became mutilated under the enemy's rapid attack.

The bee needles at the tail of the blood wood lion bee are embedded in the target's body and will not release bee venom.

But it can stimulate the bloodline energy in the target's body to the maximum extent, causing the bloodline energy in the target's body to explode.

In the main world, there is almost no way to repair the disabled limbs, and the same is true in the sky outside the clouds.

Even if there were spiritual materials that could repair missing limbs, they would be extremely expensive.

Ordinary forces are not eligible for it at all!

The non-combatant members of the various caravans in Duobao City are basically without exception fighters with mutilated bodies and unable to fight.

This kind of situation has long been commonplace in the sky outside the cloud.

However, under Lin Yuan's treatment, the original mutilated bodies of the more than a dozen Ziling Yuge fighters with mutilated limbs recovered as before.

There is no way to see that half of it has been injured before.

Seeing this, Yurun was both surprised and delighted. What surprised him was that Lin Yuan had such ability.

The joy is that so many fighters of the Ziling Yuge clan have recovered, which is an excellent thing for the clan.

The young man in front of him can heal the purple feathered rain pigeon fighters with mutilated limbs in front of him, so does the other purple feathered rain pigeon fighters with mutilated limbs in the group also have a chance to recover! ?

Yurun would have such an idea, which had a lot to do with Lin Yuan's random use of this ability to treat the warriors of the Ziling Yuge clan.

This shows that Lin Yuan himself doesn't value his ability very much.

At that time, after the Ziling Yuge clan has served the young people in front of them well, they will go to ask the young people in front of them.

The young man in front of him should give the opportunity to the Ziling Yuge family! ?

Originally, Yurun wanted to use the strength of Lin Yuan and his party to relieve the Ziling Yuge family from trouble.

But now Yurun doesn't dare to think about it anymore.

This young man is a Qiling, and he has contracted such a powerful healing spirit, so his status must be very noble!

If the young people in front of them are aware of the use of the Ziling Yuge family, the Ziling Yuge family will definitely cause disasters as well.

Yurun didn't intend to tell the patriarch about the previous proposal, but proposed to the patriarch to make good friends with Lin Yuan and his party.

Spend more time on serving Lin Yuan and his party.

I hope to use this to gain more favor from Lin Yuan.

If the Ziling Yuge family can have a good relationship with such an existence, it will be an opportunity for the Ziling Yuge family to change the fate of the group.

Otherwise, even if the Ziling Yuge family survived the current difficulties, they would inevitably encounter troubles similar to the blood wood lion bee family in the future.

The next time you encounter this kind of genocide, you may not be able to meet such a savior in front of you again!

Yurun hurried forward and took the caravan members to express his gratitude to Lin Yuan.

"My lord, thank you for your help to our Ziling Yuge family. Our Ziling Yuge family can't repay you."

"My lord, we will make all the arrangements for you in Duobao City!"

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"It will definitely make you feel the sincerity of the Ziling Yuge family!"

Lin Yuan is very satisfied with Yurun's performance, which shows that Yurun is a sensible person.

At least Yurun knew what his purpose was, and it saved Lin Yuan a lot of trouble in the future.

"I heard that basically every caravan in the Chamber of Commerce in Duobao City has its own books. You should be able to help me get these books!?"

"I am very interested in what the chambers of commerce have seen and heard."

Yurun was quite surprised when he heard this.

From Yurun's point of view, it is really impossible to see the value of these books that Lin Yuan is interested in.

But if Lin Yuan is only interested in these books, Yurun can help Lin Yuan obtain them without much effort.

These books are sold by various chambers of commerce, and some chambers of commerce even launched the service of purchasing books and applying for book membership cards in order to promote the sales of books.

Those experiences in Yunwai Tianyu are worthless at all, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they are worthless.

Because the caravans of various chambers of commerce go out for training all the time.

In the process of going out to obtain resources, knowledge is constantly accumulating.

Yurun was very puzzled what Lin Yuan wanted these things for.

In order to sell their own books better, some chambers of commerce exaggerated the contents.

Could it be that Lin Yuan just wanted to watch the excitement?

If you want to watch the fun, each of these books will sell for ten coins, which is really expensive.

Since Lin Yuan opened his mouth, even if Yurun didn't understand, he didn't ask any more questions, so he hurriedly spoke.

"My lord, there are more than 46,000 chambers of commerce stationed in Wanbao City, among which more than 40,000 chambers of commerce have relevant books."

"If you are all interested, I can guarantee that these books will be completed for you within three days."

"It's just that these books are worth a lot. If you buy them all, they are worth more than 450,000 Que coins."

Yurun felt that it was necessary to inform Lin Yuan of the price in advance.

He is not capable of making the decision to bear the money for Lin Yuan.

More than 400,000 Zunque coins can be obtained by the Ziling Yuge family.

But it is impossible for the patriarch to agree to invest resources in Lin Yuan by himself.

Let Yurun pay out of his own pocket, but Yurun really can't afford it.

And this resource is spent for the group, Yurun will not abandon the ego to complete the family.

The key is that most people in the family will not appreciate what you do.

When Lin Yuan left the territory of the King's Blood Jackal Clan, he took five million Zun Que coins from the territory of the King's Blood Jackal Clan.

The king blood jackal clan operates and develops in the north of the Jihe River, and basically does not choose to use Zunque coins when exchanging resources internally.

Most of the five million Zunque coins are the resources captured by the king blood jackal clan killing adventurers from other clans.

In addition to taking away 5 million Zun Que coins from the King Blood Jackal clan, Lin Yuan also took 2 million Zun Que coins from the four overlord clans in Jihe.

Seven million Zun Que coins are a huge sum of money, but if Lin Yuan wants to use these Zun Que coins to update resources in Duobao City, it is definitely not enough to buy a lot at the Duobao Conference.

Lin Yuan took out an aura crystal and handed it to Yurun, and asked Yurun.

"How many coins can this crystal containing aura be exchanged for in Duobao City?"

Yurun didn't know what Lin Yuan meant when he asked himself this way, Yurun always had the feeling that Lin Yuan was testing himself.

Yu Runzai felt the aura in the aura crystal carefully, and then spoke to Lin Yuan very seriously.

"My lord, with the content and purity of the aura in this crystal of yours, at least one can be exchanged for 800,000 Que coins!"

"If someone is in urgent need, it is not impossible to sell up to 1.3 million Que coins!"

"It's just that if materials of this level are directly used to exchange Zunque coins, it would be too wasteful."

"Such pure spiritual energy resources can be directly converted into chips at the Duobao Conference to snap up and auction those rare and precious resources."

"The purchasing power and priority of chips at the Duobao Conference are higher than Zunque Coins."

"It's just that there is a big difference in the evaluation of chips in each Duobao conference."

"But no matter what, this kind of pure aura can definitely meet the standard as a bargaining chip!"

Lin Yuan originally wanted to exchange some aura crystals for Zunque coins.

But after hearing what Yurun said, Lin Yuan immediately changed his mind.

Since the aura crystal can be exchanged for the bargaining chips of the multi-treasure conference, Lin Yuan plans to buy a large amount of resources at the multi-treasure conference.

Then you might as well use the bargaining chips exchanged for the aura crystal to sweep at the Duobao Conference.

Even if a multi-treasure meeting cannot meet Lin Yuan's needs, it can basically give Lin Yuan a satisfactory harvest!

As for other materials in exchange for Zunque coins, Lin Yuan also has a lot of them.

The resource reserves in the territory of the king's blood jackal clan are quite rich.

Lin Yuan didn't take the aura crystal Yurun handed over, but said directly to Yurun.

"In that case, I will reward you with this aura crystal!"

"It takes you three days to help me prepare the books issued by various chambers of commerce, and put them all in this space equipment."

"During the three days of helping us prepare resources, I don't want to delay our visit to Duobao City."

Yurun hurriedly promised to arrive.

"I can't do it by buying books from more than 40,000 chambers of commerce."

"I will notify our patriarch about this matter, and let our patriarch arrange manpower to do it."

"When we get to Duobao City, I can show you around Duobao City at any time."

"I just wonder if you have any needs for accommodation?"

"If you haven't planned yet, you might as well live in the chamber of commerce of our Ziling Yuge clan!"

"We will do our best to treat you leniently!"

"Furthermore, the chamber of commerce of our Ziling Yuge clan has stored a lot of resources. UU Reading is available for adults to choose at will!"

Lin Yuan looked at Yurun with a smile on hearing this.

"The Duobao Conference will be held soon, and all major forces will gather in Duobao City."

"I want to know which powerful forces are involved, and where are they settled?"

As soon as Yurun heard it, he knew that Lin Yuan was not planning to rest in the chamber of commerce of his own group.

If Lin Yuan had such a plan, he would not have asked.

Yurun wanted Lin Yuan to live in the caravan of the Ziling Yuge family, in addition to being able to better get close to Lin Yuan and his party.

He was also thinking that if the powerful members of the Blood Wood Lion Bee Clan came to cause trouble, Lin Yuan would be able to better take care of him in the Chamber of Commerce of the Purple Ling Yu Pigeon Clan.

After all, it was Lin Yuan's subordinates who killed the caravan of the Bloodwood Lionbee clan, and the enmity between Lin Yuan and the Bloodwood Lionbee clan had already been settled.

This is an objective fact that cannot be denied.

It seems that it is no longer feasible to passively use the strength of Lin Yuan and his party to deal with the Blood Wood Lion Bee Clan. (end of this chapter)

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