Legend of Legends

Chapter 599: Epilogue

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Chapter 598: Epilogue

While he was waiting for the monster waves, time slowed down and stopped. Junhyuk thought it was Soren, but it was actually Eltor who walked out of the dimensional tear.

Staring at him, Eltor laughed and asked, “Can I congratulate you?”

“I don’t want your congratulations.”

“Yeah, that would be funny. You declined the offer to become a manager, and now you are in that position.”

Junhyuk rubbed his ear and said, “I don’t want to be a manager. Why are you bringing that up?”

Eltor cackled and said, “My team leader said there won’t be any monster waves this week as a congratulations gift for you on becoming a Legend of Legends. I’m here to tell you that.”

Junhyuk was relieved to find out there wouldn’t be any waves.

“You have been demoted. That must be hard on you.” Eltor frowned, and Junhyuk dug a little more, “Soren is a gentleman when compared to you. He’s certainly different.”

“Look here. Soren is sending regular monster waves. The waves I sent were special. Which do you think is faster at making heroes?”

“You are still the same.” Junhyuk waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to talk to you. Be gone.”

Eltor was scowling, but Junhyuk was already looking elsewhere.

“You are still here?”

“You are nothing more than a hero.”

Junhyuk shook his head and asked, “Why? You want to fight me? Last time, you were lucky, but this time, you’ll die. Be gone.”

Eltor’s eyes beamed, and he replied, “I wasn’t the one who was lucky.”

Eltor took off his coat and raised his hand. That was the power to stop time.

Junhyuk had known Eltor would do that. That was the only thing that worked against him because Eltor’s dimensional powers didn’t.

Eltor had stopped time for Junhyuk, but the manager didn’t account for something. Junhyuk had prepared for that moment. He had absorbed energy from cores for it. With Harmonizer, things were different.

On the outside, time had stopped for his body, but on the inside, his mind was still working, and the energy within him was still flowing.

When Eltor walked toward him, Junhyuk encased the manager in his force field, which could separate beings from their dimensions.

Eltor scowled.

Inside the force field, Eltor knew he was stuck in a dimensional pocket. Using his incredible speed, Junhyuk delivered a Dimensional Slash.

Eltor had no way of escaping.


Eltor was cut across the chest, and blue energy gushed out of the wound. Eltor’s eyes widened, and Junhyuk stabbed into Eltor’s chest. The manager’s mouth dropped open, and Junhyuk said, “You can’t run.”

Time was flowing again. When the force field imprisoned someone, escape was nearly impossible.

The managers could pierce through dimensions, but only a few could do it without previous preparation. Junhyuk had guessed that Eltor wasn’t one of those, which was why he had used his powers.

When Junhyuk started pulling his sword out of Eltor’s chest, a dimensional tear appeared behind him. When he turned to look, he saw Soren and Agenchra walk through it.

“What’s up?” he asked.

Agenchra smiled awkwardly and said, “Why don’t you stop now?”


“Killing a manager is a serious crime.”

“It’s self-defense.”

“It has gone on for long enough.”

Junhyuk took a moment to think, and Soren said, “If you kill him, you’ll have to take his position.”

Junhyuk didn’t want to be a manager, so he stopped. He pulled out his sword and said, “Eltor, I don’t want your job. That’s the only reason I’m letting you live.”

Eltor gritted his teeth, and Soren said to him, “You’ll be reprimanded. Return now.”

Sore created a dimensional tear with a wave of his hand, and Eltor was sucked through it. Junhyuk laughed at the scene and said, “Look, I’m the victim here. Shouldn’t I get something?”

Soren thought for a moment and said, “I can hold off on waves for four weeks.”

Junhyuk nodded and replied, “That’d be nice.” He turned to Agenchra then and asked, “What about you? Can you do something?”


“What about it?”

Junhyuk stared at Agenchra, and the manager laughed and said, “I’ve gained a lot from you becoming a Legend of Legends, so I’ve been meaning to do something for you. Do you want anything?”

Without even taking time to think, Junhyuk said, “I want a hundred-meter-squared Spatial Bag.”

Agenchra frowned and asked, “Do you know how much that’ll cost?”

“Did you not make that much money?”

“It’s not that.”

“Then why can’t you get me one?”

Agenchra sighed heavily and said, “Wait a minute.”

The manager looked into his notebook and tore out a page. He drew a hole on the page and put his hand through the hole. When he pulled his hand out, it was holding the Spatial Bag, which he gave to Junhyuk.

Junhyuk checked it out and smiled. It was different from the five-meter-squared Spatial Bag. His satisfaction was clear.

“OK. I’ll take it.”

“Ha-ha-ha! Thanks for that.”

Junhyuk looked at the two managers and waved.

“You may go now.”

After Agenchra and Soren left, Junhyuk laughed alone.

He had almost killed that hateful Eltor, but he had gotten a really expensive Spatial Bag from Agenchra for not doing it.

“I should’ve killed him, but no regrets.”

He called Eunseo and told her there wouldn’t be any monster waves for four weeks. Eunseo was happy to hear, and after they hung up, Junhyuk told Elise and Sarang.

They were both glad and they both told him to take them on a dimensional trip. He agreed, but he had something to do first.

“Let’s make our wishes first and travel later.”


Junhyuk went to his training facility and thought hard about his wish, about what he wanted to do with it.

The world turned blindingly, and Junhyuk heard a familiar voice.

“Aren’t you going to make your wish?”

Junhyuk looked at the one who was speaking with shock. He knew them. They were touching their chin and staring at him.

“Bebe, what are you doing here?”

Bebe smirked and replied, “I’m the chief of the Dimensional Administration.”

“The dimensional merchant?!”

“The Marketing Department doesn’t have the right person to fill the position yet, so I’m working there temporarily. You can take my place if you want.”

“It’s OK. No, thanks.”

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“I’ll pay you well.”

Junhyuk shook his head and replied, “I don’t think so.”

“Right.” The yeti scratched his chin and asked, “Your wish?”

“You’ll grant me my wish?”

“I’ve granted all wishes so far.”

Junhyuk looked into Bebe’s wide eyes. He had not expected Bebe to be the boss of everything. Then, he told the yeti his wish, “I want the souls of all of those who are now in comas, who died in the Dimensional Battlefield, to be returned to Earth and to their bodies.”

Bebe scratched his chin and said, “That’s interesting.”

“Can you do it?”

“I can, but the situation is funny.”

“What’s so funny about it?”

“Earth has produced three Legend of Legends.”


“And they all wished for the same thing.”

Junhyuk was shocked to find out that Elise and Sarang had wished for the same. Scratching his chin, Bebe said, “I can’t grant you all the same wish. My pride would be hurt if I did.”

“Grant me my wish and ask the other two for new wishes.”

Bebe smiled and asked, “You are aware that I’m meeting with all of you five right now, correct?”

“I imagined so.”

“Three of you said exactly the same thing right now.”

Junhyuk laughed at that and said, “Just grant me my wish.”

“OK. Your performance was imperative in your team becoming Legends of Legends, so I’ll grant your wish.”

Bebe closed his eyes and clapped his hands. Then, he said nonchalantly, “The souls that died in the Dimensional Battlefield have been returned to Earth. It should be chaotic there now.”

Junhyuk bowed and replied, “Thank you.”

Bebe smiled and said, “You know this isn’t the end…”

“I know. I might lose next time.”


“That’s a problem for later.”

Bebe laughed and said, “OK. You may return now.”

When Junhyuk returned to Earth, he opened his eyes slowly and laughed. Elise and Sarang had wished for the same thing as him.

They both contacted him, and he smiled warmly at them.

“Did you make your wishes?”

Elise laughed and pointed at Sarang, saying, “I didn’t know we all would wish for the same thing.”

“What was your other wish?”

“‘I don’t want humans to go to the Dimensional Battlefield as minions anymore.’ But, that was Sarang’s wish as well, and it was granted to her.”

“What about you, Elise?”

“I’ll get a new core every month. That way, Earth’s science will make revolutionary leaps.”

Junhyuk smiled and said, “You did well.”

Junhyuk contacted the other two heroes. Gongon had received the method for creating cores, and Layla had asked Bebe for a match against him.

Bebe had beaten the crap out of her, but she had learned a lot. Layla was Layla.

Junhyuk looked at them and said, “Then, we’ll go on a dimensional trip.”


Everyone was happy that they were going on a trip. He invited them all to his training facility, and once there, he shifted them all to Artlan.

That was the beginning of their trip.

After he became a Legend of Legends, Earth changed a lot. There was no more abnormal narcolepsy, and those in comas had woken up. Within a year, the monster waves stopped altogether. The fifth hero had appeared. Even with the numerous champions, Eunseo became the fifth hero.

Nudra had helped her do it. She became his disciple, and that had provided her a path to becoming a hero.

The world was facing a revolution. Elise’s cores were making the world a better place, and during the monster waves, she had had her battleship.

The battleship had become famous for stopping waves, and eventually, Elise had built smaller versions of it.

Today, on one of those smaller battleships, heroes from different dimensions were gathered. Artlan, Vera, Halo, Nudra, Diane, Gongon and Layla were there. Jeffrey, Eunseo and Earth’s other heroes were also there. Agenchra, Soren and Bebe were also making an appearance.

On the deck of that small battleship, Junhyuk was wearing a suit.

Artlan laughed at him and asked, “Are you nervous?”


“I’m not nervous.”

“You can’t even remember how many wives you have…”

Artlan laughed louder and replied, “I didn’t know you would ask me to perform the ceremony.”

“You are the only one.”

Artlan got up and announced, “The bride is entering.”

Junhyuk adjusted himself and looked at his bride entering the deck. She was wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet.

Junhyuk thought about the time he had spent with her, mostly in the Dimensional Battlefield. They had trusted each other with their lives, and she had always been devoted to him.

She had wished for it, and Junhyuk had heard her. It had taken a year for it to bear fruit, but now, it was time to wed.

Sarang walked toward him, and he offered her his hand. She crossed her arm into his and whispered to him, “This isn’t a dream, right?”

He touched her hand and replied, “This isn’t a dream.”

Sarang and Junhyuk stood in front of Artlan, who said, “Do you two love each other?”

“Yes!” the two answered in mighty unison.

Artlan pulled a bottle out of his jacket and said, “Then, marry and don’t fight. The end.”


Artlan, who was already drinking, shrugged, and everyone cheered. Vera was casting fireworks.

Everyone shouted, “Congratulations on your wedding!”

Junhyuk looked at Sarang, and another shout came from the crowd, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Sarang’s face turned red, and Junhyuk closed the gap between their lips. They kissed, and the firework spells covered the sky.

Junhyuk caressed her head and said, “Let’s not fight like Artlan said.”

Sarang nodded, her face bright red, and he smiled brightly.

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