MHA: Spray Life

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Conclusion to the First Saga

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She looked and saw Suijin ahead. Her hand was outstretched as if she wanted to grab onto his.

Suijin himself had his eyes closed at this time, and his hand was just inches away from his spray nozzle.

She was so close to grabbing onto his clothes, but right when she was within grabbing range, she didn’t.

Instead, acid was produced by her hand, and she flung the condensed ball of acid she just created into the air.

The stage was set. Yuga had just shot his beam, knocking the bots down slowly, Tsu had sent Mina into the sky, and Mina had delivered the final piece Suijin needed.

[Spray-Piercing Shot]

Suijin once again produced a liquid beam of water. Even thinner than ever before, smaller than a toothpick making those who were to witness this spectacle have to squint their eyes.

The color of the liquid was questionable, as the front of the jet stream was yellowish, with the rest being about 75% of the normal clarity of water.

The stream intercepted Mina’s acid and continued on its path. The beam passed through all 37 villain bots as it pierced through their cores, which made them become inactive.

Suijin looked at their work as the streets rumbled for the umpteenth time today.



*Other examination area 1 Minute before Ending*

Shoji looked at the green haired kid who’d just blown away the zero pointer. Everything happened in a flash.

One moment, everyone was running away as he lifted some rubble so others could get  out of it.

In the next, that kid jumped up, surpassing some buildings and punched that HUGE robot into the ground. Although from his thoughts the kid must not have had a way down since he panicked after.

Luckily for him, he was slapped in the face and lived. Though landing on his purplish arm, which looked broken, must not have felt nice.

‘Although that kiss he received didn’t seem to be either.’

"Anyone else need a kiss of love to fix their injuries?"

An old woman walked around giving kisses to unwilling participants. Most passed out after, and she threw a brightly colored flag on their bodies before walking over to her next patient/victim.

A crew of people with a stretcher walked to the passed out patients, loaded them onto the stretcher, and pulled them into the building.

Turning around to avoid her gaze, Shoji quickly started moving to demonstrate his health.

‘There's a load of monsters in this school. If I want to stay in this school, I'll have to make sure I don't fall behind.

He prepared to hunt down some villain bots before he heard a noise.



Running over to help this new person, Shoji thought, 

‘Suijin, you too. I’d like to meet you inside those doors.’


*A few days later.*

Within the Shimizu household, a lively night was going on as noise could be heard all around.

"Enkai, don’t look so down, you lost that bet fair and square."

"Fair? There's nothing fair about you and card games."

"You have no proof."

"Now, honey, this video wouldn’t happen to be proof, would it."

A phone slowly descended from the ceiling in front of Akrai’s face. 

[Aiya: Her quirk allows her to stretch out objects to the maximum, allowing for things like the ceiling to become like a web like structure. This also works with her face and other things, making her look quite young for her…ag-...ahem, and making her talented in the fashion industry since she can make everything out of certain fabrics.]

"What about him blinding me during Chō-Han and messing with the dice." 

Looking at his friend Enkai, he said the two words that nearly set Akrai off.

Slowly allowing Akrai to read his lips, Enkai said,

"No Proof."

Before her husband could get up to try and strangle Enkai, Aiya placed her hand on his head. She was sitting on the couch, and both Enkai and Akrai were seated on the floor near the coffee table with various board games on it.

She said, 

"Calm down. You just need a better watcher and moderator."

"I volunteer!"

The three looked at Erena before looking at themselves. A silent communication occurred between the three in the span of a few seconds.


‘No way! Last time I did that, she nearly broke my skin with her claw like nails. How about you, honey.’

Akrai shivered at his memories. A couple of months ago, they had gone drinking, and Erena was in her own world.

She ordered a cherry despite not liking them, and Akrai was the idiot who ate them while she left the table for a moment.

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Once she came back, she was devastated. She bit into one of his enemies' hands, and he had to get professional help to undo her.


The two looked at the last one. 


‘No! Why’s it always me to deal with this.’

‘Your her husband’-x2

‘Your her friends.’

'If you don't, Enkai, I'll tell your son about the Great College Clogged incident. I’m sure he’d be dying to know about some downsides to that quirk of his.’

Looking at his drunk wife, Enkai forced a smile.

"Erena you know-"

Her expectant look pained Enkai as he dreamed of another night of all the heat being sucked out of his body and being replaced by her frost like arms.

"Well…Oh! Look thats Suijin."

Like a dog to a bone, she whipped her head around, and low and behold, her son was trying to creep up the stairs with some water in his hand.

She ran up to him and opened her arm for a big hug.


He smelled the alcohol from her, and even he knew not to mess with her on days like this. Suijin laminated at his missed opportunity to escape by peeling his mother off.

"Yes mother."

His ridgid words didn't go unnoticed by her, but she was out of it enough to not care. 

"I had your school card here and thought we could watch it together, and since your father doesn’t want to hang out with me, I figured some mother son bonding time was in order."

"I’d love that but…Oh look Fathers about to play another game."

She forgot about her mother son bonding time and hopped back on the couch, not going to let this moment go.

Enkai turned his head toward the retreating Suijin with the letter in his hand.

‘Son I give you life, and this is how you repay me.’

‘Dad, you're married to her, so you deal with her in sickness and in health forever, right?’ Suijin smirked at his dad as he left for his room.

The card that revealed his future was sitting on his desk.

‘Ah, I can’t wait anymore. Let's just open it.’

"Hello and thanks for taking the exam, Suijin Shimizu." The principle was floating above him.

"As we both probably don’t have extra time for this, let's get down to it. You received 1 hero point for defeating and saving Rikido Sato."

Suijin was about to laugh at himself. Nezu’s explanation about what Hero Points were and that boy's face replayed in his mind. Everyone who saved people's faces and actions as well.  Though Nezu’s voice brought him out of it.

On the holographic screen, an image of four letters addressed to U.A. was displayed.

"Now I’m sure you can recognize this one. The other three are from those who assisted you during the exam. It’s not usual for people to send requests to give away points, let alone 4."

Suijin's eyes widened. Those three asked for the same thing as him. Suijin felt his chances of admission were slim after the exam, so he asked if some of his points could be divided up for the others. Though he didn’t know if it went through, apparently it did!

"However, none of you will be getting that wish, for everyone has passed. We grade on a different basis here at U.A. than most people think."

Suijin with his shocked face that looked pale, looked through his window. Through both dimly lit windows, Shoji nodded at Suijin before turning around.

"And so-"

Suijin turned his attention back.

"Suijin Shimizu. I welcome you to our school as a Class 1a student. On behalf of U.A’s staff, we hope you enjoy your hero academia."

The hologram ended, and the only noise was from the people below.

A tear rolled down the side of Suijin's face.


His breathing became labored as he struggled to contain his emotions. 

*At U.A*

Nezu strolled through the streets, admiring the devastation his examinees had caused.

"They’ve gotten stronger this year."

One small hole drilled through the tough cement.

{Second Gate, Area 45 Opening.}

Once the floor below opened, unbatter villain bots could be seen arising. though they were wet.

"Piercing through the concrete, hitting the sprinkler system, and having it spray on and disable all of the villain bots. I can’t even give the truth on their points. I mean, who would believe me if I told them that 200 three-pointers were defeated by a four-person team."

Nezu drank with his team as he ordered everything to return to how it was before he came here.

‘This year is sure to bring many surprises.’

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