Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 1461: The End

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Chapter 1461: The End

The next day, Su Manman started taking on jobs crazily.

It seemed that only by working would she be able to temporarily forget that big fool Shi Hanchu.

Dong Dong and Little Song secretly looked for Tu Jie to come up with a plan. They felt that it wasn’t good for Shi Hanchu and Su Manman to continue working so crazily. They should get them a chance to talk again.

Tu Jie came to a decision and decided to throw the two of them into the same variety show to foster their relationship.

It was a show where celebrities were matched together, called “Are you Afraid of Dating Colleagues?”

The preparations for the new program were completed, and they invited their guests.

That’s right, the first episode’s guests were Su Manman and Shi Hanchu.

There were a total of three teams of guests.

The first pair was Su Manman and Shi Hanchu, who were actors.

The second pair was Gao Xiangjie and Yang Feng, who were singers.

The third pair was a sports star and the Olympic champion Liu Chanchan and Hu An.

The actors had to follow the mission card and complete the love mission.

In order to keep the male and female guests in suspense, the male and female guests didn’t know who they were matched with.

When Su Manman and Shi Hanchu received the program, both of them resisted.

Su Manman called Tu Jie and said that she didn’t want to participate.

Shi Hanchu asked if Tu Jie was too drunk when he accepted such a program for him.

Tu Jie felt bitter in his heart. If it wasn’t for their happiness, would he have spent so much effort?

Hence, Tu Jie put on a pitiful act for Su Manman. He said that it was his friend’s show and asked Su Manman to help him with it. Moreover, he had already signed the contract… so he had to trouble her to participate in it. She would only record one day a week, and not more than eight days. He would treat Su Manman to a meal later to show his appreciation for her hard work.

Tu Jie then told Shi Hanchu that yes yes yes… he had too much to drink when he signed the contract, so there was nothing else he could do about it. He would record eight episodes, one day a week. It would be quick!

Hence, Su Manman and Shi Hanchu agreed.

When Su Manman and Shi Hanchu carried each other’s luggage to film the first episode together, they realized that they were each other’s partner on the show…

Every week, they would spend 24 hours together.

Of course, it included spending the night in a house together.

From the moment they met…

Su Manman stood at the entrance of the airport, carrying her luggage and lowering her head to look at her phone. Shi Hanchu had already gone over to pick Su Manman up according to the script.

In front of the camera, Su Manman and Shi Hanchu appeared especially cold.

A car stopped in front of Su Manman. Su Manman turned around and asked the cameraman, “Is this the car?”

The cameraman nodded.

When the car door was pulled open, Shi Hanchu, who was looking at his phone, looked up…

Their gazes met, and Su Manman was stunned.

Shi Hanchu was also surprised.

What was Tu Jie doing? She was in a cold war with Shi Hanchu!

In the camera, neither of them appeared surprised. If the audience didn’t know better, they would have thought that the two of them already knew about being partnered up with each other.

Su Manman merely nodded at Shi Hanchu and got into the car with her luggage.

“Let me do it!” Shi Hanchu got out of the car and took Su Manman’s luggage, placing it in the trunk of the car.

Su Manman got into the car, put on her earphones, and lowered her head to play some online games. She had no intention of talking to Shi Hanchu.

When Shi Hanchu got into the car, he sat in the front passenger seat.

The cameramen were speechless.

Did these two know that they were here to film a dating show? Oh my god…

Other guests would make small talk with each other, so why were these two so cold to each other?

Su Manman had even said she would have Best Actor Shi’s child! Why wasn’t she excited at all when she saw Shi Hanchu?

Shi Hanchu and Su Manman were the highlights of the first episode! How many people in the country were waiting to see them together on the screen again? How could they not interact? Were they trying to tear down their shippers’ dream?

The atmosphere in the car was very stuffy. The two cameramen didn’t dare to speak and quietly filmed the two main leads.

Finally, Su Manman removed her earphones.

One cameraman aimed the camera at Su Manman. Su Manman took out a wet tissue from her bag and wiped her face, then took out a facial mask and pasted it on her face…

Oh my god, how could Su Manman remove her makeup casually just now and be bare-faced?

The two cameramen looked at each other!

No way, her looks were too heaven-defying. She was so pretty even without makeup!

The atmosphere in the car was still quiet.

Soon, they arrived at the villa.

The setting this time was for a couple to stay in a villa, a total of three villas.

Su Manman and Shi Hanchu were the latest couple to arrive. After greeting the other two pairs, they returned to their own villa to rest.

Su Manman opened the door to the villa. She bent over and opened the shoe cabinet, but she didn’t see any slippers. She frowned and turned to look at Shi Hanchu. “You brought an extra pair of slippers, didn’t you?”

Shi Hanchu nodded.

“Lend me a pair…” Su Manman said.

The two cameramen raised their brows.

Unexpectedly, Shi Hanchu really took out two pairs of slippers from his luggage and handed one to Su Manman.

“Thank you!” Su Manman thanked him without any hesitation. She put on her slippers and walked towards the kitchen with her luggage.

Shi Hanchu zipped up his luggage and put on his slippers before entering the house.

“There’s nothing in the fridge!” Su Manman took two bottles of water and closed the fridge door. She then tossed a bottle of water to Shi Hanchu before taking a few gulps from her own bottle.

The two cameramen looked at each other. There must be something fishy going on between the two of them. They both felt so familiar with each other!

After all, Su Manman had openly expressed she would have Shi Hanchu’s baby!

“We probably have to do a mission before they will give us stuff!” Shi Hanchu said.

Su Manman remained silent and said to Shi Hanchu, “I’ll choose a room first…”

Su Manman had just said that, but before she could leave, the mission was delivered.

[Mission Details: The couples have to watch a horror movie together. Other than the screams produced from the TV, the couple with the least number of screams wins. Note: The winning team has a reward, the defeated team has punishment.]

Su Manman was speechless.

“You know that Shi Hanchu and I aren’t afraid of ghosts, right? You’re giving away points, aren’t you?” Su Manman looked at the staff member. “What kind of effect does your show want to achieve? Don’t tell me you want me to cry and hide in Shi Hanchu’s arms? Or… do you want to see us go through the two-hour process in mockery mode and be expressionless?”

Shi Hanchu smiled and placed the mission card aside. “Go change your clothes! Satisfy them!”

Su Manman sighed and carried her luggage upstairs. She casually opened a room door and entered, not even bothering to check the other rooms to choose.

Shi Hanchu also went upstairs. He stood at the stairs and took a look. After confirming the master bedroom’s location, he casually opened the door to another room.

Before he could enter, a pillow was thrown over. Shi Hanchu hurriedly closed the door. “Sorry! I thought… you picked the master bedroom!”

Shi Hanchu’s ears turned red in embarrassment. He picked up the pillow that was thrown at him and carried his luggage to the master bedroom.

After changing his clothes and returning downstairs, Shi Hanchu saw Su Manman, who was already sitting on the sofa and preparing to start watching the horror movie, glaring at him.

“Sorry!” Shi Hanchu apologized again and sat down on the single-seater sofa.

“Well… God Shi, you should sit closer to Manman. You two are a couple now. A couple shouldn’t be so far away from each other when watching a scary movie!”

“Who stipulates that couples must hug each other when they watch a scary movie?” Su Manman asked. “Which law says that?”

The director was speechless.

He couldn’t afford to offend Su Manman! Su Manman would snap back at him without any qualms.

Honestly speaking, shooting this episode was especially tiring for the director…

The couple remained expressionless while watching the horror movie. One sat on the long sofa, while the other sat on the single seater…

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Unsurprisingly, Shi Hanchu and Su Manman’s team won.

In the end, Su Manman complained, “The director really is leaving me speechless…”

With that, the filming of the show ended under Su Manman’s complaints.

Tears streamed down the director’s face—he didn’t deserve any of this.

When the recording ended, Shi Hanchu kept up his boyfriend persona and sent Su Manman to the airport. Su Manman narrowed her eyes and asked Shi Hanchu, “You’re here to send me off because the scriptwriter asked you to, right?”

Shi Hanchu smiled.

“Tsk…” Su Manman tsked, then turned around and left with the plane ticket in her hand.

After the first episode was aired, who would have thought that it would be so popular?

The audience felt that Shi Hanchu and Su Manman were just pretending to be cold to each other to show that nothing was going on between them. On the contrary, they felt that the couple were very familiar with each other…

For example, how did Su Manman guess that Shi Hanchu had brought two pairs of slippers and borrowed one pair from Shi Hanchu?

Or when Su Manman took some water from the fridge and casually tossed it to Shi Hanchu. Shi Hanchu subconsciously caught it, as if they had done it countless times.

Then, Su Manman and Shi Hanchu’s shippers exploded from excitement.

It was as if they had found traces of Su Manman and Shi Hanchu getting together. They all commented on their Weibo that the couple shouldn’t pretend anymore… They all know they’re together!

Su Manman was speechless.

Shi Hanchu was also speechless.

They were not pretending to be cold to each other. Su Manman was clearly the only one who was angry with him the entire time, okay?

Later on, the two of them were shown watching the horror movie expressionlessly. The screen was filled with laughing comments…

[Ran Out of Time: My Elder Feng Yi, the production crew wants you to hide in God Shi’s arms and scream in fear… Hahahahaha!]

[Isn’t the Weather Cold: Look at Manman and God Shi’s expressions, it’s like looking at two idiots, hahahahaha!]

[9-proof Sucks: Hahahahaha, Manman and God Shi give off the vibes of watching a comedy show when watching a horror movie. Hahahaha!]

[Little Fairy Dodo: Oh my god! No one in the world can match up to the God Shi! I hereby announce that you should be married on the spot!]

Su Manman was speechless.

Shi Hanchu was speechless.

At the end of the show, when Hanchu sent Su Manman to the airport and watched her leave, Shi Hanchu said to the cameraman, “Stop filming!”

Then, the production crew tried to make it more melodramatic and filmed Shi Hanchu’s back view, leaving behind a sentence that drew deep thoughts…

[Production Team: Actually, God Shi sent Manman off himself. God Shi had work to do here to begin with…]

Shi Hanchu and Su Manman’s shipping fans: Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah… Please get married on the spot! We will move the Civil Affairs Bureau right in front of you!

Su Manman was stunned by the last sentence.

Dong Dong added in a timely fashion, “It’s true…”

In their second episode, Shi Hanchu personally drove to pick Su Manman up.

He was wearing a white shirt, a pair of black casual pants. a cap, and sunglasses as he stood by the car. When he saw Su Manman with luggage in hand emerging from the airport gate, he raised his hand…

Su Manman’s eyes curved up behind her sunglasses, and she smiled sweetly.

She couldn’t hold back her excitement and walked towards Shi Hanchu.

Shi Hanchu took the luggage from Su Manman’s hands and placed it in the trunk, then turned around and got into the driver’s seat.

Just as the cameramen were about to get into the car, Su Manman quickly locked the car door. She rolled down the car window and smiled at the dazed cameramen. “Sorry, you guys can take the production crew’s car! Goodbye…”

Su Manman then rolled down the car window and said to Shi Hanchu, “Drive!”

Shi Hanchu removed his sunglasses and hat, indicating for Su Manman to look at the few cameras in the car. “Even if you didn’t let them in, they’re still filming us. Stop fooling around… let them get in the car!”

Su Manman apologized to the camera before turning them off.

Shi Hanchu was rendered speechless.


Shi Hanchu could only listen to Su Manman and drove.

“You’re too reckless!” Shi Hanchu said.

“We’ve been in a cold war for so long. Have you thought things through? Have you called Old Master Su and asked him?” Su Manman asked.

Shi Hanchu gripped the steering wheel tightly and said slowly, “You’re so hot-tempered, and you don’t even finish listening to what others have to say. You didn’t even listen to everything and left…”

“Are you trying to reason with a woman!?” Su Manman was like an unreasonable girlfriend.

“Have you thought it through? Knowing my condition, do you still want to be with me?” Shi Hanchu asked.

Su Manman felt like she had been struck by a blow. She suddenly cowered. “Wh… what?”

“Do you still want to be with me, knowing my condition?” Shi Hanchu repeated his question.

Su Manman’s eyes widened as she straightened her back and stared at the road, not saying a word. She felt that happiness had come too suddenly that she was momentarily at a loss.

She licked her lips and turned to look at Shi Hanchu. “So that day… were you really going to confess to me?”

“Su Manman, didn’t I tell you that day that I like you?”

Su Manman bit her lip. Yes he did…

“Be patient in the future, and leave after dinner…” Shi Hanchu said again.

Su Manman remained silent, but a hint of smile was showing in her eyes.

“Who told you to speak so ambiguously!” Su Manman blamed Shi Hanchu again.

Su Manman, who had turned off the camera, didn’t know… that the audio equipment in the car was running on a battery.


The production crew: What the heck! What a windfall! They are now really dating!

“Director… what do you think we should do?” the assistant director asked the director.

“Why don’t we ask Brother Jie first? Don’t reveal the matter first. The next episode will definitely hit it big!”

In order to benefit the production crew and to give himself time to make preparations, Tu Jie agreed to the director’s request to have their relationship announced on the show.

At the same time, he asked his team to prepare for the commotion that would come after the relationship was announced.

Everything was prepared.

During the second episode’s broadcast:

The audience was bewildered when they saw there was only pitch-black darkness on the screen. They listened attentively to the conversation between the two people…

“We’ve been in a cold war for so long. Have you thought things through? Have you called Old Master Su and asked him?”

“You’re so hot-tempered, and you don’t even finish listening to what others have to say. You didn’t even listen to everything and left…”

“Are you trying to reason with a woman!?”

“Have you thought it through? Knowing my condition, do you still want to be with me?”

“Wh… what?”

“Do you still want to be with me, knowing my condition?”

“So that day… were you really going to confess to me?”

“Su Manman, didn’t I tell you that day that I like you?”

The couple’s shippers: Ahhhhh… they’re finally together! Get married on the spot! Get married on the spot!

#Surprising news, Shi Hanchu confessed to Su Manman#

#Surprise! Best Actor Shi Hanchu and Best Actress Su Manman confirmed their relationship on the show!#

#Breaking news! Shi Hanchu and Su Manman dating!#

#Shi Hanchu and Su Manman officially declared their love!#

It was an unprecedented event that night, and the internet was about to explode.

Because a large group of people had come online to watch the live broadcast, the internet was incapacitated.

The program’s viewership ratings far exceeded all other variety shows, making it the top ranked show.

After Su Manman and Shi Hanchu’s relationship had been confirmed, a large group of mom fans had started to urge them to get married and have babies.

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