Physics The Greatest Magic

Chapter 336: Reliving The Lost Past.

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*Ba dump* *Ba dump* *Ba dump* *Ba dump*

John's eyes grew darker and emptier as he stared at the sight in front of him. His arms trembling and tears flowing down his eyes as he panted. 

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't breathe. 

"What's the meaning of this…?" John asked

"I…Idiot… S…Sorry…"

From beyond his eyes, John saw a sight which had been engraved in his mind for years. A sight, which no matter how hard he tried. He couldn't forget.

In front of him, stood Ms Sylvia gripping tightly onto her dagger which had pierced through both Serena and Ariel.

'…? What…? What's going on…? Why am I seeing this again…? Let go…'

"Let go… Master…" John muttered as he clenched his fist. Just seeing the pained faces of his two companions as his master tilted her dagger, was enough to make him snap. "Let go."

John's hand moved precisely and swiftly as he leapt forward. His hand and grip positioned to grab master Sylvia's face and slam it down with all he had. 

He was in no position to think, his body acted before his mind had even realized it. His anger had taken control. However-


John's hand ended up going right through her. 


John pulled his hand back and then forward again, before trembling.

It was an illusion, he couldn't feel them. He could see the emotionless face of Master Sylvia as she kept her grip on the dagger.

"DAMN IT!!!"  John shouted in rage as he swung at the ground.

His anger remained as his hand passed right through.


However, there was no reply. No reply except for a familiar voice which came behind him.

"S-Serena…?" Ariel…?" The familiar voice behind John muttered.

Wanting to divert his attention away from the sight, John turned around only to see himself standing there filled with despair.

The dark and white hair, with dark green eyes, sacred dagger, torn gloves and vast magic power. John could both see and feel it. There was no doubt he was looking at himself. A younger and shorter version of himself.

It was thanks to now that he could see himself from a different perspective that he was able to truly comprehend the horrible state which he was in.

Animosity, rage, hatred, despair. A mixture of every negative emotion was forced out. His eyes darkened, his body shaking, his gasps for air as steam was purged from his body. 

He was staring at himself and yet, it felt nothing like him.

"Why…?" John's mirror image asked as tears began streaming down his face. "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why!?" He repeated.

He raised both hands before slamming them down in rage, releasing a burst of dark energy in the process.

"WHYYY!? MASTER!!!!!!!!"

His mirror image stood up, the expression of rage and hatred quickly shifted into that of a blank one as he stared straight at Master Sylvia.

John's mirrored self's eyes clouded themselves in darkness is his hair turned pitch black and grew longer. His muscles began to slightly expand as he let out a wave of blood ŀust.

"I did everything you asked…? And yet… You of all people… Betrayed me…?" John asked with the same blank expression


Despite his anger however, The vast darkness which was being pushed out of him slowly began to contain itself. John's mirage was fighting the anger back.

It was then that it happened.


Dark flames erupted from behind John, he quickly turned his sight away from his mirror image only to see that a dark flame had engulfed Sylvia, Serena and Ariel's figure. 

John's heart throbbed in pain as he watched. He remembered this part clearly too, it was where his memory came to and end. Blood began flowing down his mouth as he dug his teeth into his lips in an attempt to control himself. 

This was where his memory ended. But the hallucination wasn't over.

*Crack* *Crack*

John turned back to the sound of cracking, only to see his mirrored self in a deplorable state. No, deplorable was an understatement. John couldn't even believe that he was looking at himself.

Tears of blood could be seen flowing down his eyes. Broken down wings began to expand out of his back and fix themselves. A strange mark began forming on his ċhėst. Despite it's lack of shape, it could be perceived yet remained incomprehensible.

All of this happened with the unchanging blank expression on his face.

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John could no longer call the being which was himself human, as he witnessed this. No, he couldn't even call it himself.

"God… It always fuċkɨnġ hearts…" John's mirrored self muttered.

The voice completely different, the magic flow different, the expression was different. John could tell it wasn't him. He recognized who it was, right away.

"So this happened and you kept it from me… Huh… demon…?" John muttered as he could do nothing but watch. "If that's the case… Why are you showing me all of this now?! What are you trying to gain!?"

Just as he asked that, a familiar voice came from behind him again. His eyes widened as he hadn't heard the voice in such a long time, a voice which he hated to his core.

"Finally… I can… Kill you…" She muttered with tears of happiness.

He grit his teeth  as he looked back and stared straight at the expression on the face of his master. He couldn't believe it.

'She's smiling…? Haha…'


John began laughing to himself. The bodies of his companions had disappeared, all he could see was Master Sylvia standing there. She burned their bodies to ash.

"So she really did kill them…" John muttered as he placed his palm on his face. "I was too afraid to look but I guess there's no need now… Hahaha…" John added.

Tears began to flow down his face.

"Alright… It's your win… We've already gone way over the contract deadline anyways… There's no more reason for me to live… I'll give you my body, demon…" John muttered

He then hung his head and with a blank expression, said.

"But before that, I'll have to track my Master down and kill her. I don't care how long it takes."

'After all… This hatred… Is the only thing I have left.'

Suddenly, just as John had lost all hope-

"WAKE UP JOHN!" The voice shouted

Another familiar voice, only this time, rather than bringing him anger, it brought him nostalgia. 

John turned to the left, away from both his mirrored self and Master Sylvia only to see the figure of his companions.

The one who had shouted was the one who had been with him since the beginning, it was Ariel.

John's eyes widened as he saw this. He stretched his hand out in disbelief.

"A-Ariel? H-How?" John asked

It was then that he noticed it, he found it strange how it was a hallucination and yet he could still feel it. The flow of darkness coming out of Ariel, her magic flow was the same and yet it felt different. Just like in John's case.

'Don't tell me…'

Ariel dropped to her knees, letting out heavy pants as she grasped her Armour around her ċhėst and stomach. The wound was still there and in flames.

'What are you doing…? Ariel…?'

"R-Run away… RUN AWAY!!" John shouted

But his voice didn't reach her. Beside her on the ground laid Serena, who was unconscious.

Fortunately, Master Sylvia paid no attention to them and simply stared at John's mirrored self while grinning. She was obsessed with revenge. Nothing else mattered to her.

"Hm? They're still alive? Shame. I'll deal with them after." John's demon self muttered. He then turned to Master Sylvia who was already ready to commence her attack. "Ah, Sorry to keep you waiting. Don't worry, I've fully consumed him so I'll be able to kill you now." He added.

"Before I kill you I've got something to ask… Why'd you do it?" Master Sylvia asked.

"Why'd I do what?" Demon John asked, confused.


Master Sylvia grit her teeth before asking again.

"Why'd you kill them!?"

Confused, the demon tilted his head before saying.

"I don't know who you're referring to…? But do you need a reason to kill?" The demon asked. A bright smile then formed on his face as he added. "It's just fun."

"I see." Master Sylvia muttered before letting out a sigh.

She suddenly vanished leaving a trace of darkness behind as she appeared above the demon. A swing with her dagger already in motion, aiming right at the horn on his head.

However, without so much as moving from his spot. The demon stopped Master Sylvia's swing with simply two fingers. 

"Rak.." Translation: Dark Burst.

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