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Chương 762: 752: Su Wan is a demon

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Chapter 752: Su Wan is a demonLin Chen looked at Lin Yu who shook his head and asked his brother to wait when Su Wan announced that she was going to sleep, even though they were not dropping the idea of taking her at once, they needed to make sure that Su Wan's punishment was more pleasant for her than them, they could not do it when she was tired like this and what was more she has indeed worked quite hard.          
" And what about the women? Did you send them to the old house properly?" Su Wan asked when she was walking out of the room, she completely forgot about why she went to the town because of the Su and the Lin family. It was only now that she was going to sleep and her mind was relaxed that was she able to think straight and couldn't help but ask.      
" They are well rested in the old house," Lin Yu did not want to leave all those flirty women in the house with him when Su Wan was not with him, she was already getting upset with them when she thought about them being near another woman, if he was to make those flirty women stay in their house then she might skin him alive.      
Which was why he sent those women to their old house.      
Su Wan nodded and then yawned again, seeing that her eyes were turning glassy Lin Jing got to his feet and then started guiding her with him. Among the five brothers, only he and Lin Chen could pick Su Wan now but the thing was while he would simply help Su Wan go to sleep Lin Chen would tease her until she started screaming in annoyance. Now that she was carrying a child Su Wan's temper was really bad and she was no longer in the mood to let them play with her of course if they caught her in a good mood they might get rewarded but if they don't then they will be scolded till their ears fell.      
Lin Jing brought Su Wan back to her courtyard while the rest of them too went to their own courtyard to sleep but they all felt that they have hardly slept for a few minutes because the next morning before dawn broke someone started to knock on their door impatiently. Their knocking was so incessant that they all woke up even Su Wan who liked to sleep till noon stomped out of her courtyard and then walked over to their old doorman and asked,  " What's going on, who is the knocking at our door at such an hour of the morning?"      
The old doorman sighed and then rubbed his cane as he replied, "It's your father and brother, Mrs Lin they say that they have something important to say to you and your husbands."      
Su Wan already knew that her father and brother would come looking for her which was why she rubbed her forehead and waved her hand. " All right let them in." She too wanted to hear what they found out to make them rush over so early in the morning.      
The old doorman nodded and then limped over to the front door, it did not take long for Su Bai and Su Yu Cheng to walk inside the courtyard and for some reason, they had rather smug looks on their faces.      
Su Wan raised a brow as she sat down on the rocking chair that her husband made for her and then asked, " You look pretty content for someone who barged inside the house of others at such odd hours."      

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Su Yu Cheng, who has been scared of Su Wan till now scoffed and then unceremoniously said, " At least we are better than those who take over the bodies of others, don't you think father?"      
His words were not ambiguous and Su Wan understood what he meant, her heart skipped a beat but she calmed down and then started to think of a countermeasure there was no point in getting agitated at this moment if she gets scared then everything will be ruined.      
As she thought about a way to deal with this situation, she could not help but question how Su Bai and Su Yu Cheng came to know about her situation. She had heard from the shadow guard that they did went to look for Tai Zheng last night, so it was impossible for them to sneak around in her house, so it only meant one thing and that was ——-     
The woman in the imperial palace was her predecessor. No wonder, she was so updated about everything that was going around in the countryside and wanted to see her die.      
Su Bai looked at the woman who looked like his daughter but wasn't and suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable but when he remembered why he came here, he immediately picked himself up. Last night after much thinking about it, he and Su Yu Cheng came up with a plan that they were going to rip both Su Wans off, life was already so long so why not make as much money as possible?     
" Who are you?" He asked while looking at Su Wan coldly.      
" Who do you think I am?" Since the cat was out of the bag, Su Wan did not bother to be kind either, she looked at Su Bai and smiled impolitely. " I am Su Wan."     
"Lies!" Su Bai threw the paper on which Su Wan used to write, that he has went to collect in his house and the letter he found from Tai Zheng's house and looked at Su Wan with a malevolent glint in his eyes. " You are not my daughter! My daughter is already dead and you are occupying her body you demon!"     
His sudden words caused the entire courtyard to be turned silent and Su Wan's lips to curl even more as she leaned forward and then looked at the writing in the letter and the old papers before she clicked her tongue and scolded her predecessor for being too stupid. " So what if I am occupying her body?" She raised her head and looked at Su Bai. " What are you going to do?"

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