The First Vampire

Chapter 40: 40 - 040 Abdication 2

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Chapter 40 040 Abdication 2

Enjoying the attention of the crowd, Kahn Surdo felt a little smug.

Especially Miss Vera’s glimmering eyes which made Kahn so excited that his face turned red and his body trembled.

The heir of the Surdo family suddenly felt that if he went to ask Miss Vera to dance at this time, perhaps he would not be rejected like before.

He felt that he was a hero now.

However, Colin looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

He did not expect that this guy would be the one to try to stand out.

All the nobles present were excited when they saw Knight Kahn step forward to question Marquis Charles.

There was only one exception.

This person was Kahn’s sister, Cynthia Surdo, who Colin called a crazy woman.

She looked at her younger brother with fear in her eyes!


Why did this banquet, which was supposed to make the Surdo family famous, turn out like this?

If possible, she seemed to have wanted to seal her younger brother’s mouth tightly, lock him in the basement, and never let him out.

Cynthia knew this very well-perhaps Marquis Charles had really aroused public anger, but he was, after all, the first heir of the St. Hilde family.

Her younger brother was just the heir of a viscount. What right did he have to question Marquis Charles?

No, although her younger brother was stupid, he was definitely not a person with such courage.

Otherwise, when Cynthia led her army to recover Ice Rock City, he would not have continued to hide in Fallen Eagle City.

Thinking of this, she suddenly turned her head to look at Earl Oman.

It seemed that it was this good uncle who had whispered something in her younger brother’s ear just now that made Kahn rashly step forward.

Cynthia felt a chill in her heart. She suddenly realized that the future of the Surdo family seemed to have dimmed.

“Knight Kahn, you’re right!” Marquis Charles did not care about Kahn’s offense at all.

He took a deep breath and asked sincerely, “Then, what kind of punishment do you think can offset my previous mistake?”

Kahn did not seem to expect Marquis Charles to be so receptive. Seeing the marquis waiting for his “trial” so humbly, Kahn trembled even more.

However, after the excitement, Kahn was also a little confused.

He opened his mouth but did not dare to say what kind of punishment was suitable for Marquis Charles.

Quietly turning his head, Kahn looked at his uncle, Earl Oman, with a pleading gaze.

At this moment, Earl Oman lowered his head, as if he did not know what was happening.

Kahn’s heart instantly sank, but just as he was about to retreat, he saw Vera’s gaze again.

In Kahn’s eyes, it was a gaze filled with encouragement, appreciation, and even admiration!

Thus, Knight Kahn was once again filled with strength! Even the zit on his nose faintly shone with a red light.

For a moment, he felt that he was incredibly brave!

“The title of nobility!” Kahn’s sharp voice echoed in the hall. “As a punishment, you should voluntarily relinquish the title of marquis!”

Everyone was stunned.

Even Marquis Charles, who had always been outstanding in acting, did not know how to react for a moment.

Colin looked at Kahn with eyes full of pity.

It was a look of concern for the mentally challenged.

Cynthia’s face was full of despair.

She did not know whether Marquis Charles’ title could be retained, but what was sure was that the viscount title of the Surdo family was going to be lost.

Charles’ title was an empty one. It represented his qualification as the first successor of the Duke of St. Hilde.

It made him an extension of the Duke of St. Hilde!

Asking Marquis Charles to give up the title was no longer a punishment for Charles, but a slap to the face of the Duke of St. Hilde!

It was forcing the Lord of the Northern Territory to admit his mistake!

The environment in the palace grew tense!

The music finally stopped.

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was so stagnant that it was almost suffocating.

The eyes of the entire hall were focused on Marquis Charles and Knight Kahn.

Knight Kahn had enjoyed being the center of attention, but now he felt like he had a knife in his back.

Cold sweat dripped down.

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Kahn looked for the gaze of his goddess, Vera, but she did not look at him anymore.

Instead, she looked at her elder brother, Marquis Charles, with a worried gaze.

Kahn’s face instantly turned pale, as if he finally realized what a stupid thing he had done.

Standing opposite him, Marquis Charles did not look any better.

He was at a loss as to how to deal with this too.

He could not agree to the request of giving up his title as nobility, much less dare to disagree.

This was no longer a matter of his own honor or disgrace.

It was a matter of his father’s dignity and even the prestige of the St. Hilde family.

As the Lord of the Northern Territory, how could he let a group of inferior nobles dictate the issue of his heir?

Marquis Charles did not look at the uneasy Kahn anymore. This idiot was just a pawn that was pushed out.

His gaze passed Kahn and slowly swept across the entire place, but he did not see any friendly or supportive gazes.

At this time, he gradually realized that this incident was probably premeditated. It was not only aimed at him, but also at his father.

That only meant he could not give in!

If he took a step back, he would be smashed into pieces!

Thus, Marquis Charles took a few steps forward, passed Kahn, and faced all the nobles in the hall with a solemn expression. “Who else thinks that I should give up my title? Please step forward!”

He did not want to pay attention to Kahn, the puppet, but wanted to force out the real mastermind behind the scenes.

Moreover, he did not believe that the St. Hilde family who had ruled the Northern Territory for a thousand years could fall apart after one defeat.

The entire place was silent.

The St. Hilde family’s thousand-year-old prestige in the Northern Territory was not something that could be simply challenged.

Therefore, awkwardness returned to the banquet.

After a long time, a voice finally broke the silence.

“Hehe, I’m sorry, Marquis Charles! Kahn, this child is still young and insensible. If he’s offended you with his words, I hope you can forgive him, Marquis.”

The one who stood out was Earl Oman.

However, he did not continue to target Marquis Charles. Instead, he was exonerating Kahn.

It also gave Marquis Charles a way out.

Colin suddenly had some doubts. Could it be that Earl Oman was truly loyal to Duke St. Hilde and did not participate in this conspiracy against Marquis Charles?

However, Earl Oman’s next sentence quickly dispelled Colin’s previous thoughts.

“Marquis Garcia, what punishment do you think is suitable for Marquis Charles’ past mistakes?”

Upon hearing this, Marquis Garcia seemed to have just woken up from his leisurely state of watching from the sidelines.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he slowly stood up and slowly walked to the front of the stage, standing side by side with Marquis Charles.

Marquis Charles could only slightly bow, take half a step back, and give up the seat.

In the face of Knight Kahn, Earl Oman, or any of the nobles present, Marquis Charles would not give in.

However, Marquis Garcia was an exception.

This commander of the Black Knights had the ability to turn the tables around!

Marquis Charles was not sure whether this uncle of his wanted to turn things around.

Was everything that had happened caused by the northern nobles who were dissatisfied with him, or was it secretly planned by Marquis Garcia?

If it was the former, Charles was actually not too worried.

If it was the latter…

“Charles.” Marquis Garcia finally spoke.

“Uncle.” Marquis Charles lowered his head slightly and waited for the verdict anxiously.

“The lives of 200,000 soldiers of the Northern Territory. How are you going to atone for your sins?”


Marquis Charles felt as if he had been struck by lightning

He was completely stunned on the spot.

What else could he use to atone for that?

Marquis Charles raised his head in shock and looked at his own uncle with a shocked expression.

It was as if Marquis Charles had really known his uncle for the first time.

Colin looked at this scene from afar, and a saying flashed in his mind—the wolf in sheep’s skin had finally revealed itself!

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