The Heroine Had An Affair With My Fiance

Chapter 21: CH 21

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Leila grabbed his hand and led him to her room. She pointed to the evidence she had thrown on the desk.

“What are we going to do with this!”


Duval, who was thoroughly examining the evidence, was drowned in front of the document signed by Count Valentine.

He could make people misunderstand the testimonies of eyewitnesses who witnessed the scene. And he could turn the conversation with the Count as if he was giving some dating advice with his friends.

However, if the person who committed the affair like this personally signs and leaves a document-

‘It’s solid evidence delivered from the government office. That’s why she asked him to pay alimony by asking him to take responsibility for the divorce.’

“Do you really have no money? Really?”

Leila asked desperately.

If you don’t pay alimony, the evidence will be revealed to the public under the Imperial Law, and Leila’s marriage will also be blocked off.

The fact that his sister’s marriage was blocked meant that the association with other families would also disappear.

There’s nowhere for the money to come out. Duval shook his head. Plus, since it was such a large sum, there was no place that could easily come to mind.

He groaned for about ten minutes, and then, in response to Leila’s scream.

“I have to tell father.”

“Oh no!”

Leila panicked even more.

Who was their father? He was the one who would rise from the grave for money.

In fact, the reason she tried to lure Count Valentine this time was because of her desire to earn money and be recognized by her father.

By the way, tell him everything and ask him to pay back 10 billion won?

“I might be kicked out!”

“I have to tell him that you will make up for it.”

“How?! I mean, I spent all my money believing that he would give me a percentage if the business went well!”

Afterwards, Duval let out an annoyed sigh and ruffled his hair violently.

From Tyrael saying she loved him, and that if he broke up with Ciela, she would stop whining. But now, even his sister was on the verge of going crazy.

“I’ll help you, so stop whining. But how did they gather the evidence?”

“I don’t know. Could it be from the Ciel’s Love Manipulation Guild?”

“It wouldn’t be.”

Duval just cut it off and denied it.

Arya Valentine shouldn’t have enough money to commission the Ciel’s Love Manipulation Guild.

‘Wait. Is there a prepayment for the alimony?’

It was a very probable part, so he had to check it out.

To do that, he had to go to the Labyrinth Mansion. Like a gatekeeper, he had to break through Ciela, who was guarding Arya.

“I’ll find out, so you can tell father.”

“I’m going to tell him that brother made me.”

“…Do whatever you feel like.”

Their father would be terrified to know that they wasted 10 billion won, but he wasn’t afraid.

To be honest, he had no intention of caring about it. Rather, it was more important to settle the dispute with Ciela as soon as possible.

The person who had been staring at him for ten years and clinging to him suddenly acted like someone else, and she came up with the story of breaking up the marriage to mean that if he acted like this, she would leave.

It’s like she has been waiting to have a new lover

‘You can never break the engagement.’

Ciela must be stopped at any cost. Duval clenched his teeth.


The next day, Duval visited the Labyrinth mansion early in the morning.

He went for Leila’s business, but it was more to settle the divorce dispute.

He was thinking of threatening to follow his advice if she wanted to go around the social world with the information he got from Ciel’s Love Manipulation Guild.

But he could not even enter the front door, let alone meet Ciela.

It was because of Ciela’s exclusive maid, May.

“She is not feeling well. So she’s not going to meet anyone.”

The maid with a determined face blocked Duval with her whole body.

An employee is blocking the path of the nobility. In a situation unimaginable in Essit, Duval grinded his teeth inwardly.

He would have dealt with the cheeky maid himself somehow had he not had to restore his relationship with Ciela.

“Shut up. I will see for myself how sick she is.”

“No. She said she didn’t want to see anyone.”

“She’s not going to meet her fiance too?”

“That’s why she’s not seeing anymore.”

Duval, furious at the repeated words, raised his hand. But he couldn’t even slap her on the cheek.

She was Ciela’s favorite maid. He didn’t know how Ciela would come out if the maid had been tampered with.

Hearing this, he turned around without hesitation. While getting on the carriage without any success, he looked up at the curtained window of Ciela’s room.

He didn’t believe in excuses like being sick. It was like this last time, and she brought a certain man and said he was her lover.

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What else is she up to this time?


(Ciela’s pov)

After handing over the evidence and the autographed documents to the government office to pay Arya her alimony, I haven’t been able to get out of my room for days.

“Cough. Cough.”

It was because of the summer cold that even dogs don’t catch. To be precise, I’d say it was a body ache from overwork that started with a cold.

For the past few days, I have been walking around non-stop with my weak body, and even opening the labyrinth more than once, so it was a natural result.

My throat was swollen and I felt like I was boiling with heat, so it felt like I was not really living.

“Miss, have some honey water here.”

She closed the curtains in the dark room.

I laid on the bed and struggled to get my heavy body up.

As I sat at an angle with a large pillow on my back, May handed me hot honey water.

My throat was swollen and it was difficult to swallow, but I drank until the end, blowing at the drink so as not to burn my tongue.

After giving her an empty bowl and worrying about laying back down, she said it was not good for me to lay down right away.

So I decided to sit in a position looking at the ceiling with a cold towel on my forehead for a while.

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I was bored sitting still in that state, so I spoke to May. I didn’t speak in the first place, except when I needed her considering I have a sore throat.

“Did Duval try to come in?”

“You knew?”

“He made a fuss and I couldn’t help but notice it. I could hear his voice up here.”

For reference, my room is on the 3rd floor.

I hoarsely praised May’s work.

“Great job. Were you hit somewhere?”


“Really, don’t hide it and tell me. I will take revenge.”

“Really, miss, I didn’t get hit.”

May, who suddenly held my hands, pushed her face closer, and she murmured in a low voice.

“How did it go when you commissioned Ciel’s Love Manipulation Guild? Is there any progress?”

“Uh yeah. We’re almost done- Cough!”

Occasionally, I coughed.

When I coughed so violently that the towel on my forehead fell, May, startled, told me to lie down and helped, then changed the towel to a new one.

“We will talk about that after the young lady is healed.”

May, with an empty glass of honey water and a lukewarm towel, left the room.

‘I thought about going to the guild again when I’m all better.’

But I don’t have to. Now that Arya is the Count of Valentine, all I need to do is send it to the government office after she gets the notary signed for my engagement papers.

She reminded me of a notary, but I don’t know if Arya took good care of her alimony.

As soon as I handed over her papers to the office, I collapsed, and I had never heard of her backstory.

‘Let’s get well soon.’

Since it’s from the government office, they wouldn’t dare to pay her alimony.

I closed my eyes, promising to ask Arya as soon as I got up.

And fell into a deep sleep.


-Wooo… Wooo…

As I was slowly getting awake, I heard a small  howl from something presumed to be a small animal.

I then heard the sound of a hem rubbing as if someone was putting on clothes, and the sound of the curtain flapping lightly.


It must have been a muggy summer breeze, but I was not feeling well, so even that felt cold.

I curled up like a shrimp and wrapped myself in a blanket. Did May leave the window open… No, she never opened it.

‘Am I dreaming?’

But I could feel the cold breeze. It was in the midst of what I thought was a dream, suddenly, the sound of the window closing was heard.

Then I opened my eyes and looked at the window.

It looked like it was night because it was dark outside. The curtains swaying in the wind were silent, and in front of that was a certain silhouette in the form of a man.

If I had been sane, I would have made a fuss for a thief, but now I felt so fuzzy that I cannot even tell if this was a dream or reality.

So I slowly blinked my eyes.

As my blurry vision became clearer, I could see what the intruder was doing.

The other person was looking at me with a very slumped posture, like someone caught trying to close the window.

His hair was black, and his eyes were red. But the moment I blinked, they both turned to gold. Did I have hallucinations because I was not feeling well?

Anyway, he was someone I knew very well.

“Your Highness?”

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