The Over-Break System

Chương 647: 647 Unhappy Reunion, "Are you really my Son?" (3)

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Chapter 647 Unhappy Reunion, "Are you really my Son?" (3)

**And long chapter number 2 is here. Enjoy, folks; I appreciate everyone hanging in there while I was going through some tough times, anyway, back into the story.**


Shaking his head and explaining things to Brance, Cynrik couldn't help but feel he was forgetting something important. You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

Luckily, or unluckily for him, Brance quickly pointed out the flaw in his explanation.

"Yeah, sure, that might work in the cases of you and me, but how do you explain Selene not being turned? She wasn't present when we fought Lithlen and Viktor; how is it possible that she, too, has a Whisp of Divinity?"

"It's not like they grow on trees, and as of now, at the very best, we have only knowingly come in contact with three Tier-7 existences and less than a handful of Tier-6's." As he spoke, Brance's eyes darted between Selene's non-caring expression and the annoyed look on Cynrik's face after being called out in such a manner.

"Uhh...yeah, got me on that one, tsk, well, I could just tell him we did an ancient mating ritual, where when I penetrate..."

"STOP, STOP, STOP, DON'T WANNA HEAR THE DIRTY DETAILS, you know what, fuck it, do whatever you want, I ain't saving your ass this time." Wishing he could implode his eardrums and wipe his memory of the vivid image Cynrik had begun painting, Brance immediately pointed toward Reality.

"Can we get a move on? I hate being down here; it always makes me feel sticky, like a super hot and humid Florida day." Brance complained as he continued to expunge the imagery his brother had forcefully injected into his brain.

"Wowww, who knew? All I gotta do is talk about our sex life, Sel, and Brancie gets all skittish; ain't that cute, hehe." Cynrik teased, with Selene joining in on the fun.

"Teehee, he's so innocent, like a little cherry boy. HAHAHA!" She added, causing Brance to flinch as the tides had been turned against him in this verbal altercation.

"Shut up, you uncouth assholes, can we PLEASE get a move on, don't make me beg..." Without bothering to deny their claims and unwilling to talk about his progress with Gabby, Brance pushed right against the invisible Barrier between Realms as if he wanted to force his way into Reality to flee the insane couple.

Meanwhile, a certain tiny fairy perched on Brance's shoulder shivered as she had been forcefully present for more than one of the crazy pair's escapades.

-Now you know how I feel...they're BOOHOO!-

"Well, I suppose you aren't totally wrong or senile yet, old man." At that moment, the cocky voice which caused everyone who knew him a splitting headache came from the ground as Cynrik and Selene shot up from the Portal and landed beside Brance.

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Unfortunately, before Cynrik could start off with his witty banter, an insanely powerful pressure bore down on him and Selene, causing their knees to buckle, with Selene hitting the ground Belly first and Cynrik dropping down onto one knee.

"YOU LET THEM COME BACK, ARE YOU INSANE BRANCE JETLENSR!" Jessup howled as he pressed Cynrik and Selene down with the full force of his Killing Intent, Aura, and Divine Force, three mystical pressures which, when combined, brought down a power equivalent to 30g onto their bodies.

"he...hehe...hehehehe...Damn...old REACT!" Cynrik's strained chuckles caused everyone to freeze in place, as Jessup's pupils constricted.

However, What he saw was only scratching the surface as an equally suppressive force exploded out of Cynrik and Selene, countering and pushing against his three pressures.


Suddenly, a second wave of power manifested, generating a concussive explosion of invisible force that radiated from both Selene and Cynrik as they activated their [Mind, Body, and Soul Link], [Húeflúr], and [?sir Mode] in unison.

In a split second, the pressure bearing down on their bodies released, and they quickly stood up and then stared down Jessup, a being FAR stronger than themselves, with mirroring cocky smiles.

Before everyone, strange and elaborate knot-like markings brightly shined across every inch of Cynrik and Selene's arms, upper body, necks, and faces as their combined [Húeflúr] thrummed like a beating heart.

Their eyes glowed with hazy Amethyst light as the couple angrily glared at Jessup, united as a frightening force unseen by anyone other than Tobs.

"At least give us a moment to explain ourselves before you jump the gun and attack. If we hadn't spent the last month aggressively training our bodies in the DFZ (Divine Force Zone), you would have splattered us into meat paste." Speaking as a single unit, the voices of Selene and Cynrik overlapped, a sign that they were perfectly in sync thanks to the activation of their [Mind, Body, and Soul Link].

"However, you are quite lucky, you old bastard, because today, we just so happen to be in a relatively good mood. Now withdraw your fucking Trinity of Pressures so we can have a fucking conversation in PEACE!"

Speaking with a chilling tone, Cynrik and Selene rolled their upper lips and flashed their pearly white teeth like hungry wolves to Jessup, startling the man immensely, as he never expected them to fight back, let alone threaten him in such a way.

Gulping a mouthful of saliva, Jessup felt a chill run down his spine as he witnessed the defiant stance of the two young people standing before him, and strangely enough, although he was a full Four Tiers stronger than them, he felt a slight sense of danger emitting off their bodies in waves as if telling him that if he were to attack, things wouldn't necessarily go as planned.

But, before Jessup could make a move or even say another word, Cinyah broke past him and stood a few paces away from Cynrik and Selene while staring directly at Cynrik with eyes filled with concern.

"Are...Are you really my son?"


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