I Rely on Drawing Cards to Set Up a Persona

I Rely on Drawing Cards to Set Up a Persona

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I Rely on Drawing Cards to Set Up a Persona

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A distinguished guest was welcomed to the palace of the Arilance Empire.

This lord was said to be a noble emperor.

After hearing this, the people of the empire scoffed. Who’s emperor would wander around in despair? This man must be a liar.

The emperor of the Arilance Empire was a tyrant.

The people of the empire placed their bets, speculating on the date when the liar would be beheaded by the emperor.

Three months, five months……

Months have passed, and the liar has not yet been beheaded. The people of the empire can barely remember about it.

One day, the blue sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds. Holy archangels and black-winged demons stood together, headless horsemen rode on abyssal dragons, and thousands of troops came from a distance.

——They came to meet their emperor.

That day, almost everyone in the city saw the powerful foreign race at the head and the thousands of troops kneeling down on one knee to the liar in the palace, with their right hands clenched into the left side of their chests.

——The world is ignorant, only the emperor shines with the sun and the moon.

——I offer my heart and loyalty to my lord.

The people: ……

No way, is this for real?


For some reason, Qiao Xingnan pretended to be the emperor of a great country.

Who would have thought that he would be brought back to the palace by the idle tyrant?

If he reveals himself, his life will not be guaranteed.

Qiao Xingnan warily covered himself, trying to rely on his card draw system to pretend and secretly build a country.

[Useless steward who will scold you x1] [Useless drunkard who will steal your money x 1] [Equally useless but good-looking elf x 1]

Qiao Xingnan: …..

Bah! How can he pretend with this?

System Note: The host can try to upgrade. Maybe there will be a surprise, but of course, there may not be, lol 


The cards of the Chaos card pool are a disgrace to the entire star field. They are eccentric, incompetent, withdrawn, and possess the darkest side of the cards.

They have been abandoned and returned to their initial state.

Sinking into the darkness of the Chaos card pool, they became the loneliest of beings.

Then later, a man appeared, and he said:

——Will you follow me?

What’s the point of following?

The man will soon abandon them.

The cards in the Chaos card pool have long been accustomed to this.

Without expecting it, from that day on, they were dragged out of the abyss by their emperor.

Thereafter, the light shone into the darkness.



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