I Was Called A Demon

I Was Called A Demon

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I Was Called A Demon

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After a sub-par day at college, Bianca awakens in another world, and soon learns there is more to it than she initially thought. All kinds of mysterious powers surround her, and when she has a chance to train in the world's cultivation, she learns that her path will not be ordinary.
Her energy is bound to a technique with a demonic presence, soon forcing her out of her comfortable live in a small village and forces her to grow stronger and fiercer if she is to survive.
Soon, she decides that there is only one way to keep herself safe - if the whole world calls her a demon, then she ought to act the part and claim a land where she and others like her would be free of the dangers of this strange world

(This story contains:
Cultivation, lots of yuri and futa, and a focus on characters and their relationships with less of an overarching narrative or goal to steal away their attention.)
(Also, if you come across this on a website other than Patreon or Scribblehub, it's stolen. I don't know why anyone would even bother (though at least two websites did), but please read it here, on


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