Ogre Tyrant

Ogre Tyrant

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Ogre Tyrant

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Tim wakes up to find he is naked and alone in a fantasy world. However, he is not as alone as he first thought. There are other people running around all over the place fighting monsters for a living. Unfortunately for Tim, he seems to be one of those monsters. Desperate for any degree of safety and normalcy he can find, Tim must tread a fine line between freedom and subservience to survive. All while trying to keep alive a trio of adventurers hellbent on becoming legends. However, unfortunately for Tim, he is not the only one from earth to awaken in this world and the other Awakened aren't nearly so benevolent.

Chapters are quite long. Approx 15k in the beginning and reduced later into 7.5k. Released 1/week

Warning: The protagonist begins the story quite cowed and meek but progresses into a more assertive and situationally dominant personality. This is partly due to growth, but also a result of the character overcoming initial shock and longstanding depression. If you think I could have handled a segment better, by all means, point it out and provide your reasoning and suggestion. Everyone's experience of depression is different, and Tim's is a close representation of my own, so it won't necessarily 'vibe' with everyone.

I primarily upload on Royal Road, so the release to Scribblehub is about a day or two later once the majority of recommended edits have been made.

From left to right, top to bottom. Hana, Emelia, Clarice, Nadine, Toofy.

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