Rebirth of a Little Cannon Fodder in the ’70s

Rebirth of a Little Cannon Fodder in the ’70s



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Rebirth of a Little Cannon Fodder in the ’70s

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Ye Mi went to the countryside for five years, and finally died of illness before the college entrance examination resumed.

Before she died, she realized that she was actually just a vicious cannon fodder in a book. The only function of her life was to frame the heroine to go to the countryside and create opportunities for the heroine and heroine to meet each other.

Waking up again, she found herself reborn two years ago.

Looking back on the miserable days of not having a full meal for five consecutive years in her previous life, Ye Mi immediately packed herself up and found an honest man to marry, forgetting what her mother told her not to marry before she went to the countryside.

As long as she can have enough to eat, she will obediently be someone’s wife.

But life after marriage seems to be different from what she imagined?

The big chicken leg was dangling in front of his eyes, exuding a tempting aroma, Ye Mi salivated and sucked his saliva.

“Want to eat?”

“Want to!”

“Memorize five texts before dinner.”

The scumbag Ye Mi reluctantly closed her eyes: “…deal!”

He intends to take responsibility for the girl’s reputation, so he will raise another younger sister. Unexpectedly, this little wife has a bad temper, is incapable of learning, and loves to study. This makes Jing Ziheng, who is a teacher in the village primary school, especially look down on her. There is no way, my wife teaches by herself, and the wife is still young, so she can always get it back after a break.


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