Reborn as a Substitute

Reborn as a Substitute

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Reborn as a Substitute

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In his previous life, Ji Sheng was a popular star who was framed and eventually died in disgrace.Reborn as an 18-line artist, Ji Sheng is determined to take revenge. In order to climb to the top of the world of fame and fortune, he does not hesitate to send himself to the bed of Xie Xuanming, his enemy in the previous life.Xie Xuanming is handsome, rich and can be considered a perfect lover.It’s a pity that there is a white moonlight in his heart.On the first meeting after rebirth, Xie Xuanming squeezed Ji Sheng’s chin and narrowed his eyes.Xie Xuanming: You look like him.Ji Sheng: Hehe, I knew it in my previous life.One day, Xie Xuanming was drunk and crazy, dragging Ji Sheng to visit the white moonlight’s grave.Xie Xuanming hugged the tombstone tenderly: I knew him for several years, but he never loved me.Ji Sheng: Hmm, no love, no love.Xie Xuanming stroked the nameplate with the tips of his fingers: Obviously he approached me first and my heart was stirred, only to find that he was playing games.Ji Sheng: Yeah, acting, acting.Xie Xuanming: Come closer, let him see. It’s not like I am alone, it’s not like no one wants me.Ji Sheng had no choice, stepped forward and froze.Ji Sheng: Wait, isn’t this my grave?


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