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Chapter 101: Chapter 102 Lin cheng’s Scary Mom

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Lin cheng sat down and waited for his food. He could hear his mom humming happily.

30 mins later...

Lin cheng was eating with his mom and chatting happily.

"O I forgot che'er, you still need to meet some people." Spoke Feng Fei happily.

"Who?" Ask Curiously Lin cheng.

"Your aunt and grandma." Spoke Feng Fei.

Making Lin cheng surprise.

"How about we take a bath and we see them another day." Spoke Feng Fei.

"Okay." Lin cheng walk to the bathroom.

But waiting for his mother about 15 mins.. 

He realized he was trick.

Mean while In the palace of the patriarch of the Feng family.

There 2 figures in the table when suddenly sounds of foots steps sounded.

"Hey mom! And father." Feng Yin walking and sat.

"Hey look what a miracle the prodigal younger daugther return." Smile Charmingly Feng Xin.

"How could i not return, after all i miss my parents." Spoke innocently Feng Yin.

While Feng Tong didn't said much, even though his body and face return to normal he had to use some high elixirs and pills he was saving. After he didn't want people to see the patriarch of the family all hurt making him lose face.

"Ha who knows you coming because you sister has been busy lately, so after feeling abandoned you came here." 

Sarcastically Spoke Feng Xin but her tone didn't have a single ounce of blame.

After Hearing his wife mention his eldest daugther Feng Tong, accidentally broke his plate.

"Are you okay husband?" Ask confused Feng xin.

"Yes i'm okay." Smile lightly Feng Tong.

"Well i'll be back yin'xier, I'm going to bring you some food so you can eat with us." Spoke Femg xin.

"Yay." Said Feng Yin.

Mean while a beautiful figure appeared outside of Feng lu residence. Feng fei felt her son didn't want to tell her about what happen perhaps by not wanting to involve her. But how could she not worried in fact she calm herself down before she was feeling an anger worse than she ever felt. She couldn't believe she felt an anger worse than when she was attack before.

When she the blood on her son she felt pain. And after knowing her son all this days she knew her son strength. She could estimated his limit that's why she wanted him to received resources.

She walk with a cold face to the old beggar who was snoring.

"Who was it? I know youve been trying to pry on him. So i gues after i left you nust have follow didn't you? So tell me." Ask Feng Fei.

She knew the Ancestor been trying to pry on Lin cheng. After he was a gossip guy but she didn't care after all she was confident she could protect him.

And the old beggar who was snoring quickly stood up and throw a talisman to her.

"Cough as you see i was watching yhe saint alchemist because of that old man Xu Yi ask me." 

Spoke Feng Lu in defense. In fact he was a little scare from this woman. He always felt she was full of mystery. But he didn't care because she beeing strong it mean the Feng family would prosper. After as the ancestor that's his mission just watch and protect t the Feng family nothing else.

After seeing the talisman content she was surprise. How many times the Ancestor emphasize to take care of Lin cheng.

"So?" Ask Feng Fei.

"Well, it was your father who was interrog-" 

before Femg Lu could finish Feng fei dissapeard.

"This little girl is gonna make ger own father suffer." Sigh The Ancestor of Feng family imagining the poor fate of the patriarch.

"O well that's not my problem." Shook his head the old beggar and went back to snoring.

"O sweety here it is... Fei'xier your here do you also want to eat." Ask Suprise Feng Xin Suprise to see her daugther here. 

How many years since she been in this here she couldn't remember. Buy when saw her daugther face she was surprise to find her fill with coldness.

"Sister!" Said Feng Yin happily but after noticing her face she calm down.

"I'm not here to eat mom, sister." Spoke with a cold while looking at her father straight the eyes.

"Feng Tong." Said Feng Fei calling him instead of dad. She call him by his full name.

And the whole dining room fell to a deep silence.

Feng Tong tremble and felt pain looking at her daughter eyes he felt a bad preominitio.

"You once raise me, but after today there would be no father on my vocabulary." Spoke Feng Fei with a deep coldness in her voice.

"Fei'xier how could-" Feng xin fekt for a sec her daughter was too much but she was pull by Feng Yin.

"Wait mom." Said softly Feng Yin.

Feng Yin who knew sister well knew she was at breaking point. Even she felt if she talk now she would be scold.

"What you mean?" Ask with trembling voice Femg Tong.

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"You know what you did today.. let me tell you something if something happen to him by your hands, or i ever see another drop of blood spill from him by your hands. Trust me Feng Tong a new patriarch would be elected after old was deceased." Spoke Feng Fei with a serious look on her face.

After leaving those words before anyone could speak she dissapeard. 

After Hearing his eldest daugther words. Feng Tong became pale and splurted blood.



Back to Lin cheng side.

He was done taking a bath feeling a little sad and angry that his mom trick him.

Whe he was about to dry with towel he felt a fragrance on his nostrils and felt two ballons on his face.

"Ha look at you, not waiting for mommy to take a shower Humph." Spoke Femg Fei Charmingly.

Seeing his son not responding she knew he was angry but she smile.

"Are you gonna stay angry with mommy?" Ask Feng Fei Charmingly with sweetest voice capable making anyone bone crisp.

"I already wash myself." Spoke While sounding childish Lin cheng.

"Is that so?" Said Feng Fei with a mischivious smile.

"But you know what i haven't so." Before she finish speak she start hugging tighter Lin cheng whole using naked body to body.

"You see now you also dirty so let's wash together." Without giving Lin cheng a chance to refute.

Feng fei grab Lin cheng threw him on the bath tub fill with water.

"I see so you going to talk to mommy ha." 

Pouted charming Feng Fei while putting her right cheek next to Lin cheng cheek.

"Are you mad at mom." Ask again Feng Fei while Lin cheng stood quietly letting her scrub him with soap and shampoo.

"Are you gonna let mom unwash." Ask as if she was in pain by Lin cheng action.

"I knew you kya!"


"What hahaha y..oo..uu doing haha." Giggle like jingle bells could be hear.

Lin cheng who start scrubing his mom with soapm start it tickling her.

"Hahaha please stop mommy won't make you hahaha mad again haha." Kept giggling Feng Fei.

1 hour later....

Lin cheng and Feng Fei finally make peace and were cuddling each other on bed.

"In one month is birthday che'er do you have anything you want?" Ask Feng fei while feeling the warm of her son. The same child who came out of her body. Who give pain buy also love.

In fact after leaving her parents home she was sad. How could she nor after it was her father. But this time he cross a her ultimate bottom line. How many did she dream to have him back and he was almost oblirated by her father. Even though Feng Lu said he was kindly interrogated she knew her father. He was overbearing and wants everything to go his way.

"Mom.. I don't want anything I have already what i need and that's you." Spoke Lin cheng while falling asleep cuddling his mother.

But after feeling her son comfort she felt a little better. Seeing hsr child she couldn't help but be happy. She have never felt this feeling its even more wonderful than what she imagine.

Feng Fei deeply give Lin cheng and kiss and also feel asleep before hugging him tighter.

Mean while Feng patriarch palace.

"She cut her relationship with me her father." 

Spoke lost in trance whike feeling older Feng Tong.

"Husband did you talk to the little boy?" Ask Feng xin. Knowing her husband she ask.

"Dad did you did something to him?" Ask Feng Yin as if thinking of something.

"What are you woman's worried about I just kindly interrogated him." Said Feng Tong angrily when suddenly felt even his wife piercing gaze.

"No wonder my sister cut relationship with you dad." Spoke Feng Yin while walking away. 

Now she knew why her sister so angry. In fact she even think is a miracle she didn't attack him. After knowing her father and remembering her sisters voice about blood. She didn't even need to know what he did.

"Why is everyone defending that guy!" Yelled angrily Feng Tong.

"Fegg Tong." Spoke Seriously Feng Xin making Feng Tong loon at his wife knowing she was angry. 

She would never call him by his name no matter what arguments they have.

"What?" Ask Feng Tong.

"That little boy is Lin cheng the boy who our daugther give birth to." Said Feng xin.

But after hearing his wife he like he was hit by thunderbolts.

"How... how is that possible." Said in disbelief Feng Tong.

"That's my grandson Feng tong if you did something bad i'll also never forgive you. Don't wait for me. I'm gonna sleep in another room." Said Coldly Feng xin leaving a perplex Feng tong.

She really was angry this time, what kind of kindly interrogating could her husband have. She knew his qualities and remembering her daugther face she could feel familiar and understand it. 

It was the same face she make when they hurt her child. She remember once that when her little girl once were hurt by thugs she went berserk and her dark side came out. 

She could see the same Darkside in Feng Fei. And hearing her words of blood even make her blood boil from anger towards her cheap husband.

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