Supreme Chaos System

Supreme Chaos System

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Supreme Chaos System

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Tianwu continent
Dong Empire , Lin family

Young teenager with dirty face inside a wood house all messy decadent on a wood bed.

The teen opened his eyes and look around

"What fuck!!!!!! What am i doing here?was i kidnapped?" Lin cheng thought

I try to get up but I suddenly felt pain all over my body.


I look down at my clothes is then that i realize that i was dressing like ancient chinese costume i was hoping that the one who kidnapped me doesnt have a weird fetish.

Knock! Knock!

"Lin cheng get out here waste!"

I hear a annoying male voice scream my name.
Suddenly a burst of pain again exploded but this time in my head.

I grab my head in pain and bunch of images
And information ran though my mind "shit!!!!!"
Apparently this was the legendary crosssing!!

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