The Man Who Couldn’t Be Captured

Chương 130: Chapter 81 (part 2)

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Han Yanyan's lips parted. She said nothing, but desire glowed in her eyes. It was a desire that did not need to be feigned; it was very real.

If someone else shows desire for something, and that thing happens to be in your hands, the person in power receives a strong sense of control and accomplishment. Han Yanyan's uncontrollable desire brought Leo indescribable pleasure, even weakening the threat of her femininity.

In a good mood, he said, "Then do you want to get out...?" The way he spoke make it sound as though he was toying with something in the palm of his hand.

Because both Leo and Han Yanyan knew that Han Yanyan had no other choice. She was truly eager to get out from the simulation system.

Han Yanyan moved her lips and finally said, "I do..."

"Well then, what a wonderful arrangement. I'll let you out for some air, you rest up, and then work hard for me!" Leo decided by himself.

Han Yanyan pursed her lips, not agreeing, but not rejecting him either.

Well aware that it would be a headache to get this stubborn woman to soften her words, Leo disappeared from the white virtual space without waiting for her answer.

Hugging her knees, Han Yanyan waited quietly. 

In such a space with no boundaries or references, there was no sense of time. Han Yanyan didn't know how long she had been waiting when her sight suddenly went dark.

What followed was a chill all over her body, liquid filling her mouth and nose, and the fear of drowning. Instinctively, Han Yanyan reached out and grabbed onto the edge of the cabin, struggling to sit up!

"Cough cough cough cough cough!" She coughed loudly, hacking up all the culture fluid that had entered her nasal cavity and trachea. Gasping for breath, she looked around.

It was still the same cabin where she had woken during her mental outburst, but now she had been moved to the hibernation pod on the other side. The pod next to her that she had destroyed had been replaced with a new one, and a robot had cleaned up the mess. There were no traces of it to be seen.

Was she...was she out? Had she finally left that damned simulation system?

Han Yanyan couldn't wait to leave this coffin-like hibernation pod, but her body was so weak that she fell straight to the ground with a thud. 

"Hey! Are you... are you okay?" sounded a man's voice.

Han Yanyan got her hands under her and raised her head. Leo was  standing at one end of the hibernation pod holding a blanket, looking at her a little nervously.

This man! This was the man she wanted to kill! 

With all her strength, she pushed off the floor and stood with the help of the hibernation pod. Taking a deep gasp of air, she walked step by step toward Leo Parker. 

Ah, she really wanted to kill him...

Faced with a naked woman, Leo wanted to hand her the blanket and then look away coldly. But he was not the aide, whose first reaction upon seeing Han Yanyan's naked body was to take off his jacket to cover her. As Han Yanyan stepped toward him, Leo gawked at her body, unable to turn his eyes away.

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How fucking embarrassing! As if he had never seen a woman before!

What sort of woman hadn't he played with before in the virtual world?!

Han Yanyan supported herself on the hibernation pod until she reached the end of the cabin. With nothing to hold onto the last few steps, she could only stagger forward one step at a time.

As she approached, Leo was so nervous that his heart began pounding.

Han Yanyan reached out a hand to him. But no matter how much she wanted to kill him inside, these short few steps had made her realize how weak she was right after leaving the hibernation pod. So instead, her hand brushed his chest, and then she collapsed into his arms...

Caught off guard, Leo hugged her, his heart pounding. It wasn't until he found that Han Yanyan's eyes were tightly closed and that she was unconscious that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Han Yanyan woke up in a very well-appointed cabin.

It was a bedroom. Han Yanyan already knew that she was actually in a spaceship. There was a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, desk, and chair. The room was simple, stock, and without personality. She would have put down money that the decor of this bedroom was unchanged from the time Leo had bought the spaceship.

Lifting up the blanket covering her body, Han Yanyan turned over and sat up, feeling greatly recovered.

The door of the cabin suddenly parted to both sides, and Leo strode in, saying, "I saw on the monitoring data that you had woken up... argh, fuck!"

"There are clothes right there for you! Why didn't you put them on?!" His face flushed.

There was indeed a dress on the bedside table, and shoes on the floor, both women's clothes. But Han Yanyan didn't dress. She was staring at her hands.

They had slender wrists and long fingers. They were beautiful, but gave her the feeling that something was wrong.

"Hey! Put on some clothes!" Leo twisted his head away. "You're a woman, so why are you so shameless?!"

Han Yanyan's hand touched her collarbone. When she was very young, there had been a hemangioma there. It had been removed by laser, but the skin had been damaged was left bumpy. Therefore, ever since girlhood she had rarely worn clothing with low necklines. But when she touched it now, the skin was smooth. There was nothing there.

Her eyes swept across the room. Rising to her feet, she rushed barefoot to the desk. The wall behind it was inlaid with a mirror.

She only gave the face in the mirror a single glance before smashing it. Grabbing a sharp piece of broken glass in her bloody fist, she rushed towards Leo like a madwoman!

"You lied! You lied!"

"This is all fake!"

"This is a simulated world!!!"

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