True Lady's Identity Is Revealed

True Lady's Identity Is Revealed

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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed

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She had always thought that she was a fake daughter of a wealthy family who had been framed, discredited and stolen her fiancé by the real daughter. And was finally hit by a car, died in the street on a rainy night. But before she died, she learned that she was the true daughter of a richer Sheng family, who had been looking for her for years... However, God has plans. After reborn, She had realized she had a second chance. So she had decisively left the Li family, which was a sad place, and quickly went to the Sheng family to acknowledge her as the true daughter. From then on, the whole family from his grandfather, to the five older brothers had sworn to protect her forever... Big Brother: "What? The Li Family bullied you? I will make the Li family disappear from the city within three days!" Second Brother, Third Brother, Fifth Brother: "Agree!" But nobody knew this time she decide not to be a weak girl anymore!Later on, When all of her fake accounts had been revealed: She was a big-shot researcher, a super hacker, and a master designer... She started to sweep through the entertainment industry and became famous worldwide!


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