Mommy, Daddy Admits He Was Wrong

Mommy, Daddy Admits He Was Wrong

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Mommy, Daddy Admits He Was Wrong

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# MULTIPLE BABIES # FAKE DEATH # REMARRIAGESu Zhi’en and Jiang Chen had been married for five years. Just before she was about to give birth, Jiang Chen brought his unattainable crush home and proposed a divorce. In grief and indignation, Su Zhi’en’s amniotic sac ruptured and she died on the operating table, leaving behind a baby boy with bruises all over his body waiting to be fed. Jiang Chen transferred all his guilt onto his son. He put a distance between him and other women, focusing on raising his son. Gradually, people outside said that he could not do it anymore… When Jiang Chen’s parents heard the rumors, they thought that their son really had something to hide, so they secretly asked someone to approach the recently famous Doctor Bai Zhi. Jiang Chen was tricked by his parents into entering the private ward, only to unexpectedly see the person who had died five years ago sitting inside. “Su Zhi’en!” “I’m sorry, Mr. Jiang. My name is Bai Zhi.” Bai Zhi hid the shock in her eyes and said in all seriousness, “I heard from your parents that a certain function of your body is failing?” Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. “Don’t you know if I’m capable or not in that sense?” He was not mistaken. The person in front of him was his wife who had died five years ago! Five years ago, Su Zhi’en barely escaped death at the operating table. She did not want to have any contact with Jiang Chen anymore. However, she never expected that Jiang Chen, who did not care for her five years ago, would become so shameless. “Su Zhi’en, your son doesn’t want to eat. Do you want to come over and take a look?” “Su Zhi’en, your son keeps asking for your mother. Come over and take a look.” “Su Zhi’en, your son’s throat is hoarse from crying!” He used his son as bait, causing Su Zhi’en to have no choice but to take the bait. Su Zhi’en wanted to take a look, just one look… but who would have thought that she would step into a man’s trap and never come out again?


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